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    Why Mango?

    Here's a couple of mangos in more unusual sizes. World of Ukes compared 4 Millar long neck sopranos. One of them is an all solid mango version. World of Ukes also has a couple of Millar all solid mango jumbo tenors.
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    New more affordable Pono model in development ...

    Removing the truss rod from tenors could save some money. I wonder if Pono will offer a thinner neck in the new models. Some people don't buy Ponos because of the thicker necks.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    The ukulele looks like there are small scratches and dings on both sides. I would be too nervous to spend $750+ on an old uke with obvious signs of wear and tear from a thrift store without inspecting it in person.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    ShopGoodwill has a vintage C.F. Martin & Co uke. Current bid: $628. I wonder if the person who donated the uke to Goodwill realized how much it was worth.
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    Left Handed?

    Mim did a instagram post about setting up ukes for left handed players
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    NUD: Flight Fireball

    The one negative Alex from SUS mentions about the Flight Fireball is that some customers say that the Fireball isn't loud enough when playing friends. Hence the reason why he developed the Flight Carabao. He wanted to combine the projection and volume from a spruce top and the sweet sound of mango.
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    New Pono Master Series Tenors

    The August 1, HMS podcasts features several models of the Pono Master Series.
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    Why Mango?

    Flight Fireball is solid mango. Mainland ukes also come in mango.
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    Radiuses fretboards on production ukes?

    Since you are looking for production ukes, you might email uke stores directly.
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    Anuenue AMM2 vs Kiwaya KPC-1M

    The Enya EUC MS is a solid mahogany concert with satin finish, 36 mm nut, and radius fretboard. Baz did a review of it. Granted, if you are looking at aNueNue, Kiwaya, Loprinzi, etc. then the budget Enya EUC MS for $110 might not be what you want.
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    aNueNue AMM2 at 30% off with promo code

    FYI, April 20, 2022 HMS podcast mentioned that aNueNue will probably stop making AMM. time: 13:15 - 14:25
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    2022 Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

    You might try to contact the LA public library to see if they accept donations for their ukulele program. I don't know who runs the program, but Marc Horton is listed the original grant application.
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    aNueNue AMM2 at 30% off with promo code

    Here's the full list of the ukes and guitars that are on sale. I think $175 for all solid mahogany C30, and $160 for solid cedar top C4 are also good deals. Ukulele: AMM2, C30, C4 and Kona Sky Guitar: M52, M60, M77, MTL Bob, MTL Clint
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    NUD (L. Luthier Le Light Koa S) and a cautionary tale about "koa"

    In the comments for that May 5 2022 video, Matty pointed out that L Luthier used Formosan Koa, and SUS said they were going to change their listing. Since L Luthier is a new brand to SUS, I'm assuming SUS just posted whatever specs L Luthier provided.
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    Opinions on Millar SP-240W

    How would you compare the sound of the UC3K and L. Lutheir Le Light Koa S? Both UC3K and Le Light have wider bodies, so I'm assuming they would sound deeper than more normal size concerts.
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    The Guitalele, Mini, Kiku, Ukitar, Guilele, "Six course small bodied instruments" thread

    TUS has the Pepe Romero Baby Grand Project Guilele. Pepe took a baby grand piano built in early 1900s and turned them into nine ukes and two mini guitars. He built two guileles, one for his dad, and one that for sale ($6,500). TUS listing...
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    tonewood comparison vid

    Joe Souza talks about the 30 tone woods Kanileʻa offers. No sound samples.
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    I'm thinking about getting a tenor...

    aNueNue T30 is all solid mahogany tenor for $280. The Hawaiian Dream series are built at a larger factory, while the AMM and bird series are built in a smaller factory, hence the difference in quality and price. aNueNue USA has some T30, HMS is out of stock.
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    Least Expensive Great Sounding Tenor?

    If you want a deeper sounding gcea tenor, you could try super tenors. Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 laminate Acacia with a wider lower bout (under $200). Ohana BKT-70G tenor neck on baritone body, solid spruce top and laminate mahogany back and sides (under $300). Alex from Southern Ukulele did a...