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    Sturdiest most durable solid wood ukulele?

    Brükos are famous for their durability. I ve seen 60 year old ones which have been knocked and stored badly. Still no cracks or something like that.
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    New Pono MS, or Anuenue?

    Hello Guys, I want to buy a ukulele that can be used for singing but is also a good instrument for fingerstyle and melodic play. Im really interested in the Pono Master Series, they seem to be really great. On the other hand im intrigued by the "Cedar Moonbird UT214". ( I have a moonbird and...
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    CLOSED - SOLD - aNueNue Moon Bird Soprano US200

    That's a really low price for this little gem. GLWS.
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    Pete Howlett Tenor Ukulele (Rare Custom) - Europe

    This great ukulele is still available.
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    Selling my "Rob Collins" (Tinguitar) Tenor Ukulele (EU)

    Im selling my Tenor Ukulele from the well known and respected" Uk Luthier Rob Collins. He builds great instruments with a basic but nice look. The most ukuleles he is selling are sopranos and sometimes concert ukuleles, tenors are rare. This ukulele is made of solid mahogany with a...
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    Taking care of a lifting top

    Hello Guys, i have a ukulele where the top is lifting behind the Bridge. I already changed the strings to less tension strings, but it is not improving much. Therefore the action raised. Its the type of bridge used on classical guitars. I wonder if a string tye would reduce the pressure...
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    Sold! "Ken Timms" Soprano Ukulele ( Europe)

    Well most people in Europe never played one, otherwise they would change their mind;-). I only sell it because I have two. They both sound extremely good. I sell this one, because my other one has more wear and therefore would be harder to sell. At least it is becomming more popular in...
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    Pete Howlett Tenor Ukulele (Rare Custom) - Europe

    It is from 2009. I wonder how he makes his finishes. Never had a ukulele with such a nice finish. Its a shame to sell it, but i play more often concert ukulele and bought some new things recently.
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    Pete Howlett Tenor Ukulele (Rare Custom) - Europe

    Im selling my fabulous Pete Howlett Tenor Ukulele. It is a hard to find custom model. He is not making customs anymore as far as i know. Today he is building his line of flater revelator ukuleles. These are great ukuleles too, but i prefer the standard/traidional shape. My ukulele has the...
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    Sold! "Ken Timms" Soprano Ukulele ( Europe)

    Im selling my "Ken Timms" soprano ukulele. It is in good condition, with some slightly marks of usage (mainly on the back). A great ukulele, and really loud. Fitted with "Anuenue Blackwater" Strings. Really pretty lighter mahogany, unfortunatley not the best light for pictures in my living...
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    SOLD - Luna (by Kiwaya) LS-4G

    It's basically like a kiwaya kts-4 (I have both). They sound a bit different, but more in the way that 2 different instruments from the same model sounds. Quality wise they are the same. 250 is a very good price for what you get.
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    Looking for Martin Style 0 in Europe

    Im looking for a Martin Style 0 Soprano Ukulele in Europe. Action should not be too high and intonation good. Have some really nice ukes for a trade, but would also buy it for a fair price.
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    Pono vs Koolau

    I always wondered what's the difference between koolau and pono ukes construction wise. So far I only know that koolau are built on Hawaii from their luthier, and ponos on Java in a factory. I wonder what's different in other parts of the construction. Are koolaus lighter, and have a...
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    Trying out purchase from Japan

    Good point, maybe its not the issue it has been.
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    Trying out purchase from Japan

    Would like to buy it without a case, but i cant find one . I wonder if buyee has a serivce to repack items in smaller boxes.
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    Trying out purchase from Japan

    Im thinking of buying a concert Uke including a case from japan. I added the dimensions and a weight of 4kg. I get shipping costs about 7000 yen to Europe. But I'm unsure if I should buy it because I reada horror story of 190 dollar shopping costs for a 5 KG Playstation. Do you know if...
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    WTB: Ken Timms CUBAN Mahogany Soprano

    They have a wider neck than the most Sopranos. The action is a bit below 3mm. Not high, but also not low.
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    Intonation Sharp on C String

    If i understand you right, the intonation of a ukulele is calculated from the bottom part of the nut, down to the saddle? I made a sketch, so maybe its eaiser to explain how i understood it. Please tell me if im correct. Red = highest point (in height) of the nut, where the string should...
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    Intonation Sharp on C String

    Thanks for the tip. Well im not sure i understand that sentence (i reapired some ukes, but never did anything at the nut). Did you meant the exit from the nut to the fretboard, or from the nut to the headstock? How should it support it?