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    Least Obtrusive Low G Strings for Solid Soprano

    I had a wound Thomastik-Infeld CF-30 Flat Wound guitar string on one of my concerts for a while, but I found it too "boomy". It overwhelmed the other strings when strummed. I moved it to a Martin Style 3 soprano and its much better! I think the soprano being a smaller instrument doesn't...
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    Taming the Shrew with Sticky Putty

    I use this under the head of my banjo to tame some of the highs: Its a lot like that sticky snot stuff they use to hold the labels in disposable...
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    Pickup ruins sound: theory

    I would bet that's mostly subjective. As light as piezo disks are, I doubt they would have much effect, and it would probably lower the primary resonance of the top rather than dampen it. Unless the wires have a damping effect. Bu they're pretty light also. I wonder if the piezo cables get...
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    Pickup ruins sound: theory

    Some people play both plugged in and acoustic.
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    Pickup ruins sound: theory

    True, but less is better. Yep. He's talking about un-plugged acoustics.
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    Pickup ruins sound: theory

    Theory: an under saddle crystal pickup will impact sound less than an under saddle cable pickup. Background: a friend said that the installation of the pickup hurt the acoustic sound of his ukulele. The PU in question is the Baggs Five.0. This is a flexible cable pickup, constructed out of a...
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    Vox Mini 3 G2

    Asking $100 + shipping. Battery pack available +$25 This has a speaker out jack added ... I just don't use it - using a homemade cigar box amp and an acoustic VOX these days.
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    Post your uke pics here!

    Something that is used to better align the strings with the slots in the nut when the tuners posts aren't directly in line with the slots. In this case, a simple eye bolt that the C and E strings run through.
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    Post your uke pics here!

    Larry goes pretty simple on his string trees, and they just work.
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    Quiet uke for practicing.

    Did you sell jt?
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    FS: Eleuke Soprano (latest model with rechargeable battery + bluetooth)

    I assume you have sold this, but question: how was the sound? I've heard the electronics are s**...
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    Post your uke pics here!

    IDT I ever posted by Hinkle "nukelele" ...
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    Exploring 100 year old (your) ukes

    My Style 2, Circa 1920 ...
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    FS RISA Soprano Stick $170 SOLD

    Sorry you didn't like my soprano stick! I hope it went to a good home.
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    Best way to string this "problem" Ukulele (Physics)

    I wish they would just make 3 hole bridges ...
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    What kind of strings did Ohta-san use?

    IDK. But I used Ohta-san to justify putting a wound low-G on my Style 3. Confession: I cannot play like Ohta-san even with the low-G.
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    Fear of Friction Tuners

    I just like to tune up a step when I'm done playing to stretch them and let them settle in
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    Best way to string this "problem" Ukulele (Physics)

    I use some square metal beads from the hobby shop. Plastic or glass ones can shatter under the pressure. (Not saying they WILL shatter, but I have had it happen before I went to the metal ones.)