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    Instant Pot!

    I use our IP a lot. I like that I can sauté and do a few other tasks with it that eliminate extra steps or dishes. My kids like the classic chicken rice peas and carrots. I use the sauté setting for the onion and carrots then add chicken broth, rice and the chicken (can be frozen), and then...
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    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Can I ask what software you are using?
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    Black Friday deals?

    Tyde Music is doing 20% off, code GOODTYDING…and they have some stunners in stock.
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    Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Tenor with pickup?

    I bought one of these a few years ago also from guitar center. Right now I’ve got it strung with Fremont blacks and a soloist low G.
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    Moody ambient ukulele album incoming

    Enjoyed that very much. Looking forward to the next.
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    Where to buy a ukulele in Atlanta GA?

    Yeah uke republic for sure! Mike is a stand up guy. I’ve been twice, he was extremely helpful and I felt like I got the red carpet treatment even though I was brand new to ukuleles. The store is located inside an old mill, very cool location.
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    Who do you Patreon ?

    Marco Cirillo is a good one.
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    FS: Ohana Bari-Tenor

    Hello! I haven’t been active in the forum for many years, but have still been playing and collecting. I’m wanting to clear out some of the ukes that don’t get much time in my hands. Kala Pau Ferro Concert: Asking $200+shipping. I bought this new when the wood combo came out a few years ago...
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    FS: Ukulele Song and Instruction Books

    Hello, I am looking to sell my collection of ukulele music and instruction books. I am hoping to sell them as a set, rather than have to deal with packing and shipping them separately. They are all in good condition, no missing pages, no skips on the cd's, nothing written in the books etc...
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    FS: Koaloha LN Pineapple Soprano; Cocobolo Tenor (damaged)

    Some pics better showing the crack on the Cocobolo for those that asked ;) Please know this is a damaged uke and I am selling as such. I am open to answer any questions as I want to avoid any buyers remorse and I want the buyer to understand exactly what they will receive. I haven't noticed...
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    FS: Koaloha LN Pineapple Soprano; Cocobolo Tenor (damaged)

    I have 2 ukuleles I am selling: Koaloha Longneck Pineapple Soprano with hard case and herco humidifier: I am the original owner of this uke, it is stamped Feb 2014. It has been played often but never abused and always stored in the hard case when not played. There are some very light signs of...