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    Threaded insert for neck joint.

    Just use a bit of thread lock.
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    Dangerous stuff making ukuleles.

    It's definitely a reminder for all of us to always wear a mask. It's really easy to fall into the pitfall of thinking that because we have lots of extractors and air filters running that we don't need to wear a mask. But we should irrespective.
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    I have lots of copies of the Hana Lima plans for all uke sizes and can hook you up with a copy of the tenor plans for the price of a tube and some postage costs. I would say to buy them from Hana Lima but they are no longer trading. Just pm me.
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    Routing rosette channels

    Also, don't try and cut the full depth in one pass. Just and so cut through the surface all round, then adjust depth and go again. Alternatively, cut the circle with a blade before routing.
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    Side thickness.

    With an actual side bender and mahogany or sapele I wouldn't imagine you will need any water. If you are then maybe you aren't letting it all heat up enough before bending.
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    Side thickness.

    I would suggest somewhere between 1.6mm and 2mm depending on size of uke type of wood etc. No need for thicker than that. Cupping can suggest you are using too much moisture when bending. I only add water if it is really needed.
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    New Finger Plane

    It looks great, but does it need to be that complex? What's up with some wood and a wedge you just tap with a hammer? 🤔
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    Reclaimed Cuban Mahogany.

    So I guess another way of looking at this is the world of antiques. Is a certain painting by a famous painter even though it wasn't signed? Sometimes there is debate about whether something is genuine, but 99% of the time you can't be 100% sure the painting was by such and such, you just base...
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    Free Sitka Spruce

    A very generous offer. Now, have have you found lots of stock of old Koa that you just won't get around to using that you would like to give away????😜
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    Reclaimed Cuban Mahogany.

    I think the reason is that back in the day (pre 1940s) all mahogany was Cuban, so no need to specify. These days you can't buy new Cuban from Cuba (it is grown on plantations in India), so you won't find any big manufacturers using it. The only people using are those using reclaimed wood or the...
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    Damn open pores

    I don't use epoxy for pore fill. To be honest I prefer the none-flat look with some pores - looks more like wood to me. However I do use epoxy for other things. I think West Systems epoxy doesn't reach complete cure until up to 4 days. Up until then it could shrink. So maybe you needed to wait...
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    Bar frets

    I'd have thought a resourceful chap like yourself could come up with some contraption to roll the bar to the required thickness? Although then they will be too tall 🤔
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    Bar frets

    You can buy it at LMII. Might be easier for you Ken as they ship to UK. Not cheap though.
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    Missing Soprano

    Yeah, that would be preferable from a 'is someone getting enjoyment out if it' perspective. But in the end I would think that incompetence is far more probable than criminality.
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    Missing Soprano

    That's unfortunate, maybe it will still turn up in the corner of some sorting office somewhere. I guess it may be someone has dropped it/ handled it roughly and heard an awful wood cracking noise and rather than admit their mistake they have binned it when no-one is looking.
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    New member

    Hi Tim, welcome to the forum, nice to see you over here. I just wanted to correct the statement about 'up angle' or as I would call it a 'forward neck angle'. Although not the done thing on a steel string it is the norm on a classical guitar, and over on Del Camp Tim you will see that most...
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    OK what's this black stuff.

    That's kind of ridiculous if you think about it. A language is just that, it is a way of communicating by having sounds and meanings otherwise people can't understand each other, or as the dictionary defines it: "the principal method of human communication, consisting of words used in a...
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    OK what's this black stuff.

    Never said he wasn't. My grandmother couldn't pronounce the word 'shake' and would say 'shack' as many others did in our local dialect in the north of England. That doesn't mean that is how most English people pronounce the word however. It just how one person does. So obviously Google isn't...
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    OK what's this black stuff.

    Most of us don't call a guitar a guitarra. And that is fine. But if I was in Spain and I wanted to buy a guitar I would get more understanding and probably help if I asked for a guitarra. But everywhere else in the world I would say guitar. Not to would almost be cultural appropriation. Go to...