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    Admin Update on New Features, and The Name of That Thread

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    Review: Pono UL Terz Guitar (or Steel String Guitalele)

    That is good to know about the D Ho steel string--- thank you!
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    Review: Pono UL Terz Guitar (or Steel String Guitalele)

    This is all very helpful— thank you!
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    Review: Pono UL Terz Guitar (or Steel String Guitalele)

    @Rakelele, thank you for this review, which I have just recently come across. If you would be willing, I am wondering whether you have any updates--- are you still happy with this instrument four years later, and have you played the Romero Creations version (or anything else similar, but I don't...
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    SOLD [FS/FT: Magic Fluke Timber Bass (2021, fretless, flatwound strings)]

    Unfortunately, no! Nashville, Tennessee.
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    SOLD [FS/FT: Magic Fluke Timber Bass (2021, fretless, flatwound strings)]

    New Year's Day bump, for anyone who has just resolved to buy a short-scale bass this year ☺️
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    SOLD [FS/FT: Magic Fluke Timber Bass (2021, fretless, flatwound strings)]

    I started playing ukulele in 2020 and ordered this walnut fretless Timber Bass at the end of 2021 because, as much as I was loving playing the ukulele, I was craving some lower frequencies. This bass is an absolutely beautiful instrument, but I have discovered that I don't really enjoy playing...
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    SEASON 556- 1972

    Happy birthday, Dave, and thank you for hosting this week, and I'm sorry I have not been around much lately! It might be summer before I return as an active participant, but I'm still hoping to catch up on some listening...
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    ELI5 Romero Tiny Tenor Specs?

    Mine is spalted mango, and I did get strap buttons put on. I do feel like they detract from the instrument’s looks, but I’m really glad I have them because I can get a much better sound from this one when I use a strap. If I try to hold it against my body without using a strap, the sound is...
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    ELI5 Romero Tiny Tenor Specs?

    Hi Ila- I got a Tiny Tenor earlier this year and I think it's a beautiful instrument. I agree with BigJackBrass that it's probably more helpful to think of them as their own thing. Another thing to keep in mind: I'm pretty sure the body is deeper than on a typical concert (it's certainly deeper...
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    SOTU 554 "Swayin' to the tempo of a squeezebox melody" Songs About Instruments

    Many thanks to Jim for hosting and to Joo for inviting me to collaborate on this delightful song! I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately--- I miss you all!
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    SOTU 550 (!!!) "IT'S ONLY A MOVIE, INGRID!"

    Val, thank you for hosting! Here's the 1932 Arlen/Harburg/Rose song It's Only a Paper Moon, which (not surprisingly!) played a key part in the 1973 film Paper Moon. (I'm sorry there is even less to see in my video than usual--- I think I must have stepped too close to the camera without...
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    Hey from Tennessee

    Welcome from Nashville!
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    Season 548 - Second City Songs

    John, thank you for hosting and for giving me a reason to learn about the abundance of fabulous music connected to Birmingham! I started working on Joan Armatrading’s Down to Zero but it is definitely not going to be ready by the end of the season. I am looking forward to listening to everything!
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    Season 547 - The Baggage Carousel

    She walks downtown with a suitcase in her hand... Here's Delta Dawn, by Alex Harvey and Larry Collins. Tanya Tucker and Helen Reddy recorded very popular versions in the early 1970s. I don't think I had ever heard it until the late 90s, when I met my (now) wife--- it is her favorite song, so I...
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    OFF MARKET 1970s/80s Kamaka White Label Soprano,

    It is going to a loving home 😊
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    Season 546...can we revisit Season 54?

    I saw Dave's post just before leaving for vacation last Sunday and grabbed the first bird-related, already-printed single-page sheet music I thought of--- something that has been on my "songs to learn" list for a while. It's Bashanah Haba'ah, an Israeli pop song from 1970 (lyrics: Ehud Manor...
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    Season 545 of the ukulele-CALENDAR GIRL

    A very happy birthday, Liz, and thank you for hosting! I'm sorry I wasn't able to learn a song this week but I am sure that Chris (_mourningdove) has done an excellent job representing Team February :) I'm looking forward to listening to the season over the next few weeks! Laurie
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    SOTU 544 -- Tell the Tale!

    Well, here's what I did with Loreena McKennitt's 1991 setting of Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott (the 1842 version). More specifically, here's what I did with the end of the song/poem, as I don't (yet :)) have the stamina or skill to do the whole thing. Even just doing the last 6 verses turned...