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    Kind of Looking for good solid Baritone electric Uke

    If you can find (and afford!) one, the Fender Tenor Tele is essentially a long scale solid body baritone
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    Steel string baritone options

    . Here’s an electric option: the Fender Tenor Tele. It’s a big bigger than your average baritone, but it can be tuned like one. They’re hard to find, but they’re interesting.
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    Question about bruko

    . These are my Brükos: a zebra wood flat soprano with a rounded back and a #6. I purchased the zebrano while visiting the Brüko plant (something every uke player visiting Germany should do) and ordered the #6 after returning home. Although it took more than a month for the #6 to arrive in NJ...
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    Thoughts on a Bruko ukulele

    . I’m very fond of my Brükos: a flat, round-backed zebra wood soprano and a number 6. I bought the “zebrano” at the factory after a delightful tour of their facilities by Hubert and Friederike Pfeiffers. I discovered I liked the uke so much that, after returning home, I ordered the #6...
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    Tele Tenor

    Has anyone else been intrigued by this new product which was introduced at NAMM? I think I’d prefer butterscotch blonde!
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    Post your uke pics here!

    Left to right: Ohana SK-35; Brüko zebra wood flat soprano with arched back; Earnest mahogany concert; National maple concert; Koaloha concert; Kamaka soprano; Brüko style 6
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    Show us your thinline uke.

    This is my Brüko flat, arch back zebra wood soprano with maple and walnut neck. I purchased it during a delightful factory tour in 2015. I had contacted Pfeiffers several months before our trip to Germany and asked if we could tour the factory. I also told them that I’d like to purchase a...
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    Seagull Uke Steel Electro Soprano - REVIEW

    Nice review! To me it has the look of a Rickenbacker fireglo, which isn’t a bad thing.
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    New BrüKo Website - Fantastic New Models

    I had the privilege of visiting the Brüko factory two years ago. I had emailed Herr Pfeiffer about six weeks before our trip to Germany and asked if we could visit the factory. I also told him that I'd like to buy a rosewood soprano which was displayed on their site at the time. He replied...