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    Congratulations to Mana Maoli!

    Mana Maoli comes to our school, and many of our students are in their videos. They're even better than what was written about them on so many levels. To me, their biggest strength is how all of their kumu tie everything in to Hawaiian culture. Ho'omaikai ia oukou e Mana Maoli!!!!!
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    E kokua kaua na keiki o Hawai'i

    Maika'i loa! E ola ka 'olelo Hawaii!!!!!
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    Planning to buy a Mango concert ukulele

    Mango is an underrated wood IMO. Highly suggest you try out a Rebel mango, among others.
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    Your favorite Low G string set? (Replacement for Southcoast LML-RW)

    What kinda uke is that? Kinda looks like the Rebel headstock a little. Beautiful!!!!
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    got Hawaiian shirts?

    What's a Hawaiian shirt LOL? We don't use that term here in Hawaii. Do u mean an aloha shirt? Or just a Hawaii shirt that has some type of Hawaiian design?
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    What do you play when 1st asked

    Usually something nostalgic like "Grandpa" or "Everything That Glitters," or a mele Hawaii like "Ka Pua U'i" or "Leahi." I'm from Hawaii
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    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    $15 is crazy expensive? I don't know where you're getting em from but Easy Music Center on Oahu has em at this price.
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    Location, please

    Kahalu'u, O'ahu, Hawai'i.
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    Location, please

    Eo Ko'olaupoko!!!!
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    Your favorite Low G string set? (Replacement for Southcoast LML-RW)

    UkeSA fluoro are also awesome
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    Low or High G for learning?

    I can't imagine playing one or the other exclusively, so I have a few ukes high G and others low G.
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    Ukuleles that one must sample and why

    Being born and raised in Hawaii, I've owned and played all the K brands, but haven't even seen any of the custom builds listed. (I do know that Ukulele Friend in Kaimuki has some of them). That being said, one ukulele that kinda blew me away was the Rebel double cream mango tenor, so much so...
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    Your favorite Low G string set? (Replacement for Southcoast LML-RW)

    D'addario fluoro, with a fluoro low G on my Kala tenor. The strings feel soft, and the response feels a little delayed, but they really project well IMO. I like em
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    Songs you don't want to admit that you like.

    "Don't Know Why" by Nora Jones, LOL. I'm a dude so I feel weird singing "My heart is drenched in wine."
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    Recording for dummies?

    I've seen an ukulele player use Garageband on Mac to record, loop, and layer his instrumental ukulele music. I believe most Macs come with Garageband already installed
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    Ukulele history in Japan

    "During WW2 the Japanese Americans in Hawaii were not sent to internment camps like those on the US West Coast. Which meant that at the end of the war they still owned their homes, possessions, and businesses and were prosperous and able to be part of the 1950s ukulele revival in Japan. Ukulele...
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    If you were taking a dream vacation to Hawaii...

    "Best Ukulele" in the Ohana Marketplace on Ward Ave. is another smaller store. They're also at the Aloha Stadium swap meet on the weekends. They carry the Big 3 K brands, Rebel, Kala, Ohana and a few more.
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    How many main/number 1 ukuleles do you have?

    All of my ukes are #1 because of how they're used. My Kanilea and Rebel are only played indoors, my Kumu is for when I take a walk around the neighborhood, my Kala is for outdoor jamming, and my Ohana sits in my kitchen played while I cook. Oh, and my Koa Kalane is for when I go beach or fishing.
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    Uke stands?

    "On-stage" brand stands are good and cheap