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    Did anyone see those D'angelico soprano archop ukuleles on HMS?

    I know! The previous post was looking for an update after "seven and a half years". I just couldn't help myself. The setup was perfect. And besides, this is FedEx we're talking about here. :D
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    Did anyone see those D'angelico soprano archop ukuleles on HMS?

    I’m in Massachusetts and very close to a FedEx distribution point. I’d be happy to swing by and say “hi” for you if that’d be helpful. Yknow - make sure the instrument has what it takes to make the rest of the journey. And, um, give it a place to rest up if it doesn’t. For a short while...
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    CLOSED - SOLD - aNueNue Moon Bird Soprano US200

    Two questions - are you still considering trades? And are you willing to let me trial it if I cover shipping?
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    What did you do today? Anything hobby-related.

    Me? I read your blog post. 😀
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    ** NO LONGER LOOKING ** Want to buy a Rebel soprano

    That’s a cool looking ukulele
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    How to not get ripped-off in a ukulele buying transaction

    This. If you’re only selling a uke from time to time to clear the stable because your spouse will kill you if you own more than 4 at a time and besides, it just doesn’t speak to you, then it’s a hobby. (BTW - I was just trying to get all the typical reasons that folks sell here. Not saying...
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    Please, somebody buy this

    They don’t. Not in my experience, at least. Other forums, sure. But definitely not here. Now about my fantasy football team…
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    Dankent is a scammer

    Isn’t that a quote from Back to the Future 3? Something about how the train can fly and the future is anything you want to make it?
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    Dankent is a scammer

    Ha! I just reported this person. Nice to know I’m in good company.
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    Difference between sopraninos Ohana SK-21 and SK-21M

    Yes. Enjoy the new toy.
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    Tell me about your Sopranino

    Neat. I feel qualified to participate in this thread because I like little ukuleles. hooray! For sopraninos, I have a couple DJ Morgan Mini Pineapples. As far as I’m concerned, they are “real” instruments. At least, as far as a ukulele can be a “real” instrument. (Cue hilarious...
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    Two Tenors

    I have nothing useful to say, really. But these something about this thread title that makes me think Charles Dickens and Tolkien and I had to share.
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    WTB - Andy’s Nano uke

    Send me a direct message if you have one to sell. And tell me in this thread what your experiences have been. These ukes seem to sell out in under five minutes. So I’m curious.
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    Wish I was 12....

    I don’t know if that’s it, though. Plenty of 4th graders play “Three Blind Mice” and “Mary had a little lamb” in their first concert and somehow the alto sax isn’t a toy. Neither is the flute, clarinet, trumpet, and whatever else is popular in elementary school nowadays. And the whole “strum...
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    Famous-Japan. New Soprano variant

    It does look like green tea. So mission accomplished, I guess?
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    Purple Pineapple Sundae

    Total shot in the dark here. And if the person who won that Mega Millions thing last week and is now $1.2B richer is a forum member, I wouldn’t say no to a random act of kindness and out of the blue gift. Or maybe “out of the purple” gift is more appropriate? See? You’re laughing. Totally...
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    NUD Imua iSN-C

    I can’t offer an actual insight, aside from saying that an imua uke is “the one that got away.” So color me jealous! Hope it’s awesome.
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    ***SOLD*** THANKS, UU - PRICE DROP — FS: KoAloha Naupaka Soprano KSNP-00

    Very little. The headstock isn’t going to affect the resonance and it’s already been repaired. Total worst case, it breaks again and you glue it back again. I think it’s honest to mention as part of the sale, but it’s a big ol’ ball o’ nothing to worry about. 😀 also also, this uke is...
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    Kanile'a Ukulele is now selling 100% Kona coffee

    does anyone have an opinion on the best way to tune the beans? Like reentrant or maybe up a whole step?
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    TUS/HMS Communication Issue Resolved by Andrew

    Not only are you overreacting, but this post, where you’re hoping that community peer pressure will elicit a response, is downright childish. Worse, if they do respond, you’re gonna second guess their intent: did they really apologize or are they doing it because it’s damage control...