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  1. kalanz808

    What brand of `ukulele strings do you prefer?

    I currently use Aquilas, but am heading to HMS today to maybe pickup something different, just to experiment. What strings do you use or prefer more than others?
  2. kalanz808

    Got this guitar for free, should i keep it? *PICS*

    My landlord recently offered me a guitar, knowing that i play the 'ukulele quite often. I've never played guitar before, but have always wanted to someday learn. After messing around with it the past couple days, I've realized that it's going to take me a REALLY long time to grasp this...
  3. kalanz808

    I'll be there/ Warren's song- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Anyone have chords for this song? Mahalo Nui!
  4. kalanz808

    Finally got my first Uke @ HMS! *pics*

    So stoked to have picked up my first Ukulele from the awesome guys at Hawaii Music Supply! The wall of ukulele's is amazing! Beautiful instruments! Music guy Mike himself setting up my Kanile'a Islander MT-4! Got The Uke, Tuner, Chord Book, and Gig Bag for only $160! Much...
  5. kalanz808


    Aloha everyone. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of O'ahu, and only learned the ukulele for a short while in elementary school as other studies were of more importance. That was some time ago, but I am attempting to learn this craft and to someday pass it on to my son. I don't even...