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  1. Arik

    The Rebel Double Creme?

    I think you would be good with the opio or the rebel. They both come out of the same factory so the build quality should be very similar. I would choose the Double Creme because I love mango wood for its sound. It projects very well with a warm round tone. Also, the rebel has some upgraded...
  2. Arik

    Were Pono Ukuleles really better before 2019?

    I think I agree with the comments here that they probably have been improved. The older pro series had paua rosettes and the rosewoods had koa bindings (which looked nice). I think the biggest difference has been the price. Inflation for ukes (and probably everything else) over the past decade...
  3. Arik

    New Pono MS, or Anuenue?

    Hi @Joralin. I can't give any insight into the Master Series but I do have a Lion and Cedar bird (UT214). I also like to sing and do fingerstyle/melodic playing with my ukulele. Both cedar tops are loud and warm, but my cedar bird is a little warmer and is little more scooped low-end bass. It...
  4. Arik

    What's the Opposite of UAS?

    I think the opposite of UAS would be a Uke destroyer... I think realistically most people would be good with one good uke. But I least with me I have rationalized and re-rationalized acquiring different ukes (I want warmer uke, Low g/reentrant, travel uke, beater, koa, other wood, slot head...
  5. Arik


    Great looking uke! I have the same one and love it to death. Mango works really well with Koaloha. Great deal too. Good luck on the sale.
  6. Arik

    Anyone heard KOALOHA 10% price increase immediately?

    I'm not surprised by the price increases. Kanile'a and Kamaka have been going up and up every year. All ukes really. But it getting pretty expensive for the entry-level Hawaiian Ukes now.
  7. Arik

    Suggestions for fluorocarbon strings on Pono MS

    My favorites are worth CT's and Uke Logics (both soft tensions and hard tensions). Strings are a personal preference. I like good volume as well. All my ukes are currently strung with Uke Logics.
  8. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

    Ya for sure. What sucks is if the roles were reversed TC would cut everyone off and he would declare himself the hegemon of the ukulele world.
  9. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

    I think for Kalei (and Corey) it's much more tricky. Kalei and Corey wear 2 hats in this situation. One job they have is with TUS/HMS and they have been part of that crew for years. But Kalei is also the President of AnuenueUSA (as of 3 years ago) and Corey also works for him. He is in charge of...
  10. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

  11. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

    I'm sure they are fine with TUS, other authorize US anuenue vendors that they recruited, and their own sales from their website. But I think Kalei, Corey, and Andrew have big hearts and a huge Aloha spirit, which is why we love them. I don't think they have it in them to be malicious. I would be...
  12. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

    Im guessing they might feel obligated since they are representing Anuenue and UTLP is one of their vendors.
  13. Arik

    Sold: 2022 Hive Hornet

    This is a dream uke. Sorry about your financial situation. Good luck with the sale!!
  14. Arik

    Sound port - yes or no

    For a custom, I vote yes! Well unless they are charging you an insane amount of money to do it. I think $150 is fair. I have 3 ukes with a side port and I love how it serves as a monitor. I also think they look cool. That is IMO.
  15. Arik

    Pono MKT koa master series

    Ya those flew off the shelf super fast. I was really contemplating getting one when they were posted, but they just kept disappearing from being available. My thoughts on them were they were all gorgeous with master-grade koa. Pono hasn't had a Koa ukulele since the PKT back in the late 2000's...
  16. Arik

    Shipping a Uke - is it worth the cost?

    This sounds about right to me. Shipping is not cheap.
  17. Arik

    Misi vs LR baggs 5.0

    Here is a video from HMS comparing all their pickups. Both are active and have their advantages. I have both pick up's installed on different ukes but I personally prefer the Five.0 for the sound and volume knob.
  18. Arik

    Pono : Lattice bracing coming to all Pono Models in 2023 (Re-posted from Pono Website)

    The orig master series looked really cool with a beveled armrest, side port, and slotted head stock. Add the lattice bracing...that would be a killer custom-like uke!
  19. Arik

    I don't think this is cool at all

    I agree with the personalized descriptions from the vendors. SUS/WOU has a certain way they describe ukes (sound, feel, looks, etc). Not sure if it's because they are brits but they really expressive with their descriptions and use cool analogies. Which I think is really awesome. When you read...