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  1. Markr1

    Favilla Soprano, Unknown year.

    Couple of more pics. Need anymore let me know. No markings on the inside of the sound hole.
  2. Markr1

    Favilla Soprano, Unknown year.

    More pics
  3. Markr1

    Favilla Soprano, Unknown year.

    Favilla Soprano, Unknown year. SOLD!!! I have for sale a Favilla Soprano unknown year. I bought it a few years ago on eBay for what seemed to be a bit of a bit of a hefty price. The tuners needed replacing so I added the cheaper Grover tuners on and had to drill out a little for the larger...
  4. Markr1

    Walnut Tenor Magic Fluke.

    More pics. OOPS I put the wrong date on the timestamp. I think it's the 24th.
  5. Markr1

    Walnut Tenor Magic Fluke.

    I am selling my Magic Fluke Tenor with Walnut top and metal frets and rosewood fretboard. No tuner upgrade originals are on it and they do work and hold tune. No pickup. I bought it from Flea Market Music on 6-12-2012. This ukulele was played less then 10 minutes and has been in the bag since...
  6. Markr1

    Koaloha Tenor Special Issue Ukulele Sep 2014

    More pics and some original pics the I fist got the Koaloha The 3 pics with the Koaloha shirt in them are the ones when it first arrived here from Koaloha.
  7. Markr1

    Koaloha Tenor Special Issue Ukulele Sep 2014

    THIS UKE IS SOLD!!! To start. I don't post on UU anymore but I am still a lurker some. I don't play much anymore tho I am keeping my HF-3 and Collings UT-1 #150 originally bought from Dana.. I play mostly guitar now and this is my reason for selling. I am selling my...
  8. Markr1

    WTB specific guitar

    I've gotten back into my guitars again and this is far fetched but I thought I would give it a try. I'm looking for a Gibson Dove preferably an early 90s or possibly newer and near mint condition. I can pay cash or PayPal or another option is I've got 2 Collings ukes I could trade also if...
  9. Markr1

    Notice of new Sceptre shipping soon

    I just received an email from Brian that my new 7 pointer sceptre just cleared the spray booth and will get setup and will be shipped after that. I've been looking forward to this for quite a while now and it's finally almost reality. I can't wait to see the difference between the 5 and 7...
  10. Markr1

    Adhesive removal left from pickguard.

    I removed the clear pickguard from my guitalele. I placed a heating blanket on it for a very short time and removed the pickguard. Most of the adhesive didn't come off with the pickguard but remained on the instrument which is satin Koa. The adhesive left is very sticky. I used my finger pad...
  11. Markr1

    Collings size question

    I don't know if this has been asked before or not. If so I couldn't find it. I wonder why Collings didn't make soprano ukes? I'm not into sopranos but still wonder why?
  12. Markr1

    Pineapple Sunday for sale!

    SOLD!!! Pineapple Sunday for sale marked a 2nd. No case included. It is a concert body with a tenor neck. I had this listed before and closed the thread after finding out the person that sold it to me never disclosed to me that it was a 2nd. I listed it on eBay several times and ended it there...
  13. Markr1


    Collings UT-2K. New to me.
  14. Markr1

    For sale Pineapple Sunday & Ameritage Case.

    I'm selling my beloved Pineapple Sunday and Ameritage concert Case in excellent condition. I'm selling to help fund another ukulele that may be coming my way soon otherwise it would be staying with me. It's currently strung up with Aquila high G strings. I bought the case from Ameritage and it's...
  15. Markr1

    WTB Koaloha Guitarlele.

    I'm interested in buying one of these secondhand if anyone is interested in possibly selling theirs. I just thought I would throw it out there in hopes of getting some bites. I missed one on ebay a few months back for $800. I saw it after the fact. Thanks.
  16. Markr1

    How do I remove Black mold from amp tolex

    I'm sorry if I shouldn't ask this question here since it is a ukulele forum and not a vintage amp forum. I thought I would tho since there are some on here that know a lot about guitars and amps along with ukes. I posted this thread in is part of the forum because I didn't think it would be seen...
  17. Markr1

    New used Collings Uke Day!

    I bought a Collings UT-1 a while back and my mom liked it so much she took it over so Dana was kind enough to sell me another one so I would have one to play. One with a haircut and the other without. Hers is tuned high G and mine is low G.
  18. Markr1

    Gibson J-200 Saddle and Bridge Pins

    I just got my 95 Gibson J-200 Birdseye Maple limited edition guitar back from Custom Inlay Inc. I had them make new bridge pins out of fossilized walrus jawbone with the tops of them inlayed with I think it was abalone. The saddle was replaced with a compensated bone saddle that they made...
  19. Markr1

    Kala question

    I bought my daughter a Kala KT-MT tenor Mango uke Christmas before last. Is it solid wood or laminated? I thought when i bought it the person I got it from said it was solid wood. Thanks.