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  1. thegentlesurprise

    Rose Marie - Slim Whitman
  2. thegentlesurprise

    (Everybody's Waitin' For) The Man With the Bag - Ukulele Kay Starr

    Some tech difficulties, but still turned out ok:
  3. thegentlesurprise

    You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

    Merry Christmas!
  4. thegentlesurprise

    ...and another one. The Kinks' "I'm Not Like Everybody Else"
  5. thegentlesurprise

    The Dreamer - Tallest Man on Earth

    Time for my yearly attempt to start making videos again. Quick & dirty:
  6. thegentlesurprise

    A Very Gentle Surprise Christmas Gig - Portland, OR 12/12

    Dave & I holding it down 7-9:30ish Cheese Bar, SE 60th/Belmont EDIT - THE 13th. THIRTEENTH. I'm kind of an idiot.
  7. thegentlesurprise

    Beehive State/Shameless plug

    Randy Newman's "Beehive State" Also, trying to raise some money for men's health issues, so if ya have a few bucks, please give some at Thanks!
  8. thegentlesurprise

    Portland, OR 11/8

    This month's installment of the aberration that is The Gentle Surprise. And Dave. New stuff, old stuff, stuff. Tuesday, 7pm(ish) Cheese Bar SE 60th/Belmont, PDX. --Matt
  9. thegentlesurprise

    I'm Alright.

    Lil' Kenny Loggins for ya.
  10. thegentlesurprise

    Two new ones

    Had some time to record today, a couple new ones: Cole Porter - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To Lily Allen - Not Fair (explicit)
  11. thegentlesurprise

    cheese bar, portland, OR 10/11

    It's that time again, myself And Dave the upright bass player will be holding it down at the ol' Cheese Bar (SE 60th/Belmont), 7pm Join us for hilarity and euterpean delights!
  12. thegentlesurprise

    Eugene, OR Uketoberfest Oct 7-8

    Anyone going?
  13. thegentlesurprise

    Home in Pasadena

    Finally got off my butt and did a new one. I really have a hard time getting the 20s/30s feel to sound natural... Oh and Portland folks, we're playin' a gig on Tuesday night at the Cheese Bar, 7pm, 60th/Belmont (SE)
  14. thegentlesurprise

    Portland, OR - Cheese Bar 7/12

    60th/Belmont, 7-9:30, myself and Dave. The upright bassist, playing hits from the 1920s-2010s.
  15. thegentlesurprise

    Anyone use a DPA mic?

    Anyone have any experience with DPA mics, specifically this little guy (4099)? Almosts comically expensive, but I'm looking for a better live setup, and I really hate the idea of putting a pickup in one of my ukes...
  16. thegentlesurprise

    Portland, OR - Cheese Bar 6/14

    Late notice, but The Gentle Surprise. And Dave. will be doing the Cheese Bar thing again tomorrow night, 7-9:30, if you're into that sort of thing.
  17. thegentlesurprise

    Portland, OR - Kenton Club, Tax Day

    9pm, opening for a good Americana-type band named Lloyd Mitchell Canyon. Kenton Club is at Kilpatrick and Denver, NoPo. Come and see the ridiculousness that is The Gentle Surprise. And Dave. Thanks!
  18. thegentlesurprise

    New one - Lady Gaga "Paparazzi"

    I should really look and see how many uke versions of a song are up before I pick 'em, but whatever. Also, a little pitchy, as Randy would say.
  19. thegentlesurprise

    Portland, OR - Cheese Bar 3/8

    This'll be the last time I post this as it's now a regular "2nd Tuesday of the month" thing, but it'll be me, a ukulele, another large man, and his upright bass all making music tomorrow night. SE 60th/Belmont, 7-9pm
  20. thegentlesurprise

    Gorge uke fest

    Anyone going?