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  1. Osprey

    How about a picture of YOU with your favorite uke

    Here I am about a year ago with my Kala Cedar Topped Baritone. It’s the one I play all the time.
  2. Osprey

    Pre-Amp Success

    I put a K & K Aloha Twin passive picku[ in my Baritone Ukulele some months ago. I plugged it into a acoustic amp. (Mugig, I know it’s cheap, it’s what I have). I got a very weak sound out of the amp. I tried it into some better quality amps at the local music store (Loudbox Mini) got slightly...
  3. Osprey

    Uke Scene in Bristol, UK.

    My wife is from the UK and family matters are bringing us to Bristol over the Christmas season. We won’t be able to travel far and wide on this trip but if there is something ukulele related happing around Bristol I might be able to go. How about decent music shops that carry ukuleles? Any...
  4. Osprey

    Mark Baker Workshops

    On this past Saturday, our local music store sponsored Mark Baker for a couple of workshops and a concert. He was great. I learned more in those two workshops than I have learned from any other workshop. We worked on learning the C pentatonic scale and then applying it to songs. In the 2nd...
  5. Osprey

    Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival. October 12-14

    Any fellow UUer’s coming to the Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival in Panama City next month. Would love to meet any of you that will attend. There is a good lineup of talent. Gerald Ross, Heidi Swedberg, John Atkins are leading workshops and concerts and Taimane is giving a concert on Saturday...
  6. Osprey

    Taking a break from buying Ukuleles

    I am taking a break from buying new Ukes for a bit. I am instead starting to accumulate gear. I am having a K&K Aloha Twin installed in my Cedar topped Baritone. Now I need to get an Acoustic Amp, maybe a pre-amp, and I am starting to research pedals. There are many ways to spend money.
  7. Osprey

    First Solo Open Mic

    Our ukulele group meets every Sat morning. The first Saturday each month we have a couple of Open Mic performances. I have played in a group at these Open Mics but never as a solo act. Today I did it. I played and sang all by myself. I was not perfect by a long way but I got through the...
  8. Osprey

    Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival

    I attended the Strummin’ Man Festival this past weekend in Panama City, FL. I had a blast. There were great artists (Tiamane, Sarah Maisel, Craig Chee, Lil’ Rev, Rachel Manke), informative workshops, lot’s of performances, jam sessions, open Mic’s, vendors and just great interaction and...
  9. Osprey

    Strummin' Man Ukulele Festival in Panama City, FL-Oct 13-15 Anyone going

    I am not part of the Panama City Uke Group. I live 90 miles away, but I am enthusiastic about this festival. They have some great artists and workshops. Just wondering if anyone else on the forum is going. I would like to meet the people I see post. Cliff
  10. Osprey

    Going to Strummin' Man Ukulele Festival

    I am going to my first Uke Fest this coming October. I am excited and can't wait for a whole weekend of ukes and Uke people. I have two unrelated questions: First is anyone else coming? I would enjoy meeting people who I know only by their post on this forum. It's Oct 13-15 in Panama City...
  11. Osprey

    Baltimore, MD Ukulele Opportunities

    In May my wife has a business trip to the Baltimore area. I am coming along as driver & valet. I will have time free during the day, is there any ukulele things worth checking out?
  12. Osprey

    Stud Fuchs Workshop which Uke to Take

    I am going to a Stu Fuchs workshop in Panama City on Thursday, Finger-picking Demystified and Uke-a-Billy. Although I started on Tenor ukes and played them for over three yrs, I have for the last month or so been playing the Baritone. Would playing a DGBE Baritone be OK or should I bring one...
  13. Osprey

    New Ukulele/Music Experience

    I have been going to my weekly Uke group for 3 years or so, and have been active in some Uke sub groups. This morning a couple of other users and myself went to the local senior center. They have a Friday morning jam every week. Mostly guitar players but there was an auto harp a couple of...
  14. Osprey

    Strings for Mahogany Baritone

    About 3 or 4 weeks ago I bought my first Baritone, a Kala all solid mahogany. I love the sound, sweet and mellow, but it's pretty quiet compared to my tenors. It still has the stock strings which I think are Aquila nyguts with 2 wound bass strings. It sounds balanced but I would like to...
  15. Osprey

    NUD. Kala Solid Mahogany Baritone

    First pictures: Just over two weeks ago I was wandering around my local music shop prior to our Sat morning Uke Group Jam held at the store. I saw this ukulele hanging on the rack. The following Sat I took it off the rack, tuned it up and played one song with the group with it. I took some...
  16. Osprey

    Moving back and forth between Baritone and Tenor Ukuleles

    I am about to make the plunge into Baritone ukuleles. I played one our Uke group gathering last Saturday and loved it. I only used it on one song which I spent a few minutes figuring out the new chord shapes and chord changes and did pretty good. Absolutely loved the sound! The next song in...
  17. Osprey

    Kala KA-SMHB All solid Mahogany Baritone

    I have been thinking about branching out into Baritones for sometime. My local music store just put on display a Kala all solid mahogany baritone. It is reasonably priced. It maybe the one that makes me take the jump. Anyone have any experience with this model?
  18. Osprey

    Another go at Aquila Reds

    I have a Kaka 10th Anniversary solid Acacia tenor ukulele. I have had it for about a year with the original strings. I have wanted to try the Reds on it for two reasons, one I think they will look good with the paduk binding and trim. More importantly I think they will make the ukulele sing...
  19. Osprey

    NUD. My Sweet Pea has arrived

    As I previously posted I won a mandolin in a raffle at my local music store. I decided to trade it in for an ukulele. The one I chose was Kala's Tenth Anniversary "Sweet Pea" Ukulele. It is all solid acacia and really has a great sound. I am over the moon with this ukulele Cliff
  20. Osprey

    Jake is coming to Panama City in Nov

    Got my tickets last night, well my wife did she's great about things like that.