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  1. jaggtmolina

    Cuz I'm - Hot Rain

    anyone figure out the chords to this song??
  2. jaggtmolina

    Swim Good - Frank Ocean (Ebrahim cover)

    hey guys! it's been a while since i've been up here, but i def need your guys' help on this one. this is a song that means a lot to me and i've been trying to figure out the chords to Ebrahim's cover. it's amazing. i want to do a uke/piano rendition but i can't figure it out. please help...
  3. jaggtmolina

    Joe - I Wanna Know pretty dope cover. i thought i had it down but when i tried playing with the vid, it sounded off. any takers? thanks UU!
  4. jaggtmolina

    Passion - Oh Vienna

    here's a tuffie but definitely a dope song. done by my boy passion! it's guitar so i can't transpose hah. anyways, hope someone can lend a hand. thanks UU! oh ya, for the first 3 minutes he speaks about what's new in his life so if you didn't want to sit through that, fast forward 3 minutes :)
  5. jaggtmolina

    Makio - Can I come over

    this is a guitar cover. i can't hear the key. PLEASE and THANKS uu!
  6. jaggtmolina

    Weak - SWV

    any chords at all? sorry, no video this time. haha.
  7. jaggtmolina


    is he on this forum?
  8. jaggtmolina

    Crying out for me - Mario Barrett doooope cover. he uses the same song for usher's "nice and slow" so i'm anxious to know what these chords are. thanks UU! :)
  9. jaggtmolina

    Chronicles of Narnia

    i'll admit it, it was a pretty dope movie. that little Lucy always gets to my heart. she's hard. :)
  10. jaggtmolina

    How many people have you gotten to play the uke?!

    i've influenced atleast 5.
  11. jaggtmolina

    Iron Man

    pretty hard movie. but i expected more action. pero, still pretty dope. it's up there with Transformers. :)
  12. jaggtmolina

    Don't you guys just hate it when

    you see a dope cover on youtube and you ask for the chords and they never respond? whether it's cuz they just overlook it or just wanna be selfish, it sucks. ahaha. but hey! that's what i got my UU fam for. :)
  13. jaggtmolina

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    just got back from watching it. dooooope movie. real funny and mila kunis is hott. :)
  14. jaggtmolina

    John Legend - Ordinary People another dooope cover. thanks UU. :)
  15. jaggtmolina

    Alicia Keys - Diary dooope song. =)
  16. jaggtmolina

    Adeaze - Nesian Girl Please and thanks UU! :)
  17. jaggtmolina

    "Most users ever online was 83, Today at 09:46 AM."

    that's wsup. eyyyy!
  18. jaggtmolina

    Favorite shows?

    top 3 are Fresh Prince, Wayne's Brothers and Family Guy. you?
  19. jaggtmolina

    What kind of phone do you have?

    i had a sidekick, but it doesn't charge anymore. therefore, i'm phoneless. aha. cheeeeap.
  20. jaggtmolina

    Senior member?

    hey how do you become a senior member? maybe I didn't look hard enough or something but i'm wondering how people become senior members? lol do you have to be super l33t (lol) with uke or something? cuz if so, i can't hang. aha