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  1. 8daypsalmist

    Mainland Solid Mahogany Concert with Featherweight Case

    Uke is Sold - will close thread! This instrument sounds fantastic - currently strung with Martin Flourocarbons. Only selling because I prefer my tenor and am taking an interest in Mandolino. OIn the interest of disclosure, I bought this used off of UU about 6 months ago. The top binding was...
  2. 8daypsalmist

    New Dolphins for the kids!

    It was a happy day at our house. A pinkburst Dolphin for Sienna (age 5) and a Blueburst Dolphin for Rheanna (age 7). Having grandkids is AWESOME! Peace, James
  3. 8daypsalmist

    Strings for Mainland Tenor?

    I've been reading "strings" posts and discovered that there are some who have stated that Aquila's were not their favorite for solid wood ukes. Read some favorable comments on the Martin Fluorocarbon's but can not find a Tenor set (lots of soprano/concert). I have tried Low G Aquila's and Low...
  4. 8daypsalmist

    Convert a Tenor Uke to a Lapstee/Weissenbornl?

    Convert a Tenor to Lapsteel? I have a tenor uke with high action that I have been playing with a bottleneck slide. It currently is strung with a set of Koolau Alohi's (low G, wrapped pair). I dropped the high A down to a G. Was thinking I would like to convert it to a 4 string...
  5. 8daypsalmist

    So....I put some Tenor strings on my Concert

    After reading about (and then) putting CONCERT Aquila's on my little Makala dolphin to bring out the tone, I had the idea that I could "louden up" my Concert by putting Tenor strings on it. I actually like the extra tension. The tactile response of the tenor strings fits my playing style and...
  6. 8daypsalmist

    Mele Ukulele's - Opinions?

    I'm looking for a solid wood Concert in the $500 dollar range and eBay seems to render a few Mele's at that price point. They look pretty, made in Hawaii, Koa, etc. but HOW DO THEY SOUND? Can't find much feedback on them through the search function. Anyone want to share an opinion or two...
  7. 8daypsalmist

    Heads Up on a Huge "Bang For the Buck" $99 Concert Uke at Guitar Center right now!

    Heads Up on a Huge "Bang For the Buck" $99 Concert Uke at Guitar Center right now! Stumbled upon an incredible $99 deal right now at Guitar Center on a Concert Uke that plays and sounds and looks fantastic for the money! Don't know how long this will last and wanted to let others know. It's a...
  8. 8daypsalmist

    Do Uke's ever need a neck rest? (Neck angle questions)

    Just bought my first Ukulele used here on the Forum. Seemed like the action was a little high so I emailed the Distributer to find out what factory spec should be. Guitar player for years, I am used to action of 4/64 to 6/64 at the 12th fret (normal factory spec for most acoustic guitar...
  9. 8daypsalmist

    WTB Tenor Ukulele - have Guitars to trade!

    Would prefer solid wood. Can +/- cash to achieve equal value. I have to trade a Guild D25M - $550 trade value (vintage/used) OR, a Yamaha FG-180 Red Label Nipon Gakki - $300 trade value (vintage/used) I can email more pic's! Questions? Thanks for looking! Peace, James