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  1. efiscella

    Suggestions for fluorocarbon strings on Pono MS

    I am probably in the Minority here but I am not a fan of fluorocarbons on Mahogany Pono's. I have owned a number of sopranos, concerts, and tenor mahogany Pono's and I find the Ko'olau Mahana to be the best for me. I have tried string set after string set but I have not found a set of...
  2. efiscella

    NUD: KoAloha KTM-00 Koa Tenor

    I am very happy for the OP and his wife that they are enjoying their new KoAloha. With so many great ukulele out there, and more and more coming online, it is a great time. I don't know that one is better than another when it comes to higher-end ukes. They are just different and those...
  3. efiscella

    NUD: KoAloha KTM-00 Koa Tenor

    I agree with you totally. I was curious if others felt as I do. Someone was asking me recently about the differences in sound quality on a $450 ukesa soprano and a $1250 soprano. I told them that in my experience, the sound was the same and the price of the ukulele has no bearing on the sound...
  4. efiscella

    NUD: KoAloha KTM-00 Koa Tenor

    Not trying to hijack your thread but this seemed like an opportunity for me to ask a question to the group, especially about KoAloha, brought on by your wife's question. I was at the factory and I played a KTM and loved it. I then picked up a Red Label and played it, and then a Black Label and I...
  5. efiscella

    NUD: KoAloha KTM-00 Koa Tenor

    congratulations on your KoAloha tenor. it is a beauty!! I remember when I received my first Koaloha. From the first strum, the sound filled me with Joy and It sounds like you had the same experience. Nothing like it. Congrats!
  6. efiscella

    NUD: Moore Bettah concert (!!!!!)

    Oh My!! I love it. Congratulations David
  7. efiscella

    Gotoh on Scepter

    Hey Jerry-- Pops is now putting GOTOH UPT's on his Scepters. Here is a pic to give you an idea of what it will look like. Pops says that the longer GOTOH's are needed for a tenor neck due to the added thickness of the headstock.
  8. efiscella

    Shipping a Uke - is it worth the cost?

    I do the shipping indicias all of the time for Ukesa ukuleles. Shipping is high but it is the insurance that puts it over the top. Shipping with a case and $1000 insurance can easily put a tenor at $107+ for shipping. I started using and that has been saving some money on...
  9. efiscella

    Which era of Martin Style 0 sounds the best?

    I had a 1927 style 2 and foolishly sold it because I was troubled by the cracks, although they did not affect the sound whatsoever. It was the greatest-sounding soprano I ever owned. At the time, I also owned a KoAloha, Kamaka, Kanile'a, Pono Mahogany, Kiwaya Mahogany, and a Ukesa Wow. This 1927...
  10. efiscella

    World Wide Uke Builders List

    Alvin "Pops" Okami, founder of KoAloha is now building only handmade and Custom Ukuleles at his new company Pops is no longer building for KoAloha and now works independently at Ukesa Hawaii
  11. efiscella

    Black Friday deals?

    Pops has put all of his handmade and custom ukes on sale from $100- $300 off for Black Friday. Strings on sale also.
  12. efiscella

    Side Sound Port - "Yes" or "No" and why

    since I play only for myself and not for others, I love that I now, with the side sound port get to hear the uke the way it is for others. It does not change anything on the sound. It does not make it louder or softer. It only allows me to hear what I want to hear when playing to myself.
  13. efiscella

    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    I have not had a chance to try the KoAloha Mango. I will be taking a trip to Oahu in February and trying some of those mango's is on my to-do list.
  14. efiscella

    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    congratulations and great review
  15. efiscella

    UAS strikes hard... and what was your most recent irrational purchase?

    Both of my recent UAS irrational purchases were due to regrets that I had for selling two favored ukes. I sadly sold a wonderful 1927 Martin Style 2 soprano, mostly because it had some cracks. It was the absolute best-sounding soprano I ever had. I then purchased a 1940's player so that I would...
  16. efiscella

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    Lucky you live Hawaii. If you live on Oahu, it is great to pick them up there to save a buck and a half each. However, I just went onto the Easy Music Center website and it says that my cart must be more than $25, so then it is 2 sets of strings I must buy at $30, and $12.91 shipping to me, for...
  17. efiscella

    Where to buy a ukulele in Atlanta GA?

    Yes, yes, yes, to Uke Republic
  18. efiscella

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    FYI: The Ukesa/KoAloha guages .023 High G, .036 Low G, .029,.027,.021
  19. efiscella

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    In the same thread that you copied on your post, I wrote: "I will try my best to answer this question. The Ukesa Strings are the strings that Pops put on ALL KoAlohas from around 1998 forward. In October, 2019, the manufacturer told KoAloha and Ukesa that they would no longer be making ukulele...
  20. efiscella

    Reentrant strings for Koaloha tenor

    If the P-line fluroclear work, that sounds great. And if they are less money, a double victory in getting the sound that most KoAloha owners love. I do not know the company that Pops uses or any specifics on the stings themselves. I only relay what I have been told. I did ask if they are Seaguar...