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  1. hopkid

    Friend Looking for Entry Level Uke for Girlfriend

    I need the expert opinions of the UU forums for a friend of mine who is looking to buy an ukulele for his girlfriend. He's sent me the following links to ukes (Ibanez and Makala) available at Austin Bazaar...
  2. hopkid

    Leaving Solid Koa Uke in Car on Hot Day

    I need your expert opinions, UUers! I'm going out of town this weekend and want to take my KoAloha concert with me as we have a friend who we will jam (if you can call it that) with tonight some time. That's in Norfolk/VA Beach. I can probably keep the uke with me and not have to leave it the...
  3. hopkid

    Every Day is New Uke Day (for someone so it seems)!

    And today (or rather yesterday) is mine! I won an auction for a Kamaka Pineapple on ebay and was bummed that it didn't arrive last Tuesday prior to a 5-day trip to San Francisco. That meant that my pineapple would sit in the post office with the rest of our held mail for the duration. It...
  4. hopkid

    Another Victim of UAS

    So tomorrow (8 March) will be my 6-week anniversary of receiving my KoAloha concert from musicguymic and my 6-week anniversary of being an ukulele player. Last week I bought a Toy Story 3 Woody guitar from Toys 'R Us to be my travel uke (I may need to get some better strings). And today I...
  5. hopkid

    Profile Pic Help

    I'm sure it's something staring me right in the face but for some reason I can't figure out why the profile photo I uploaded and can see in my profile is not showing up in my posts. Anyone wanna help out a UU rookie?
  6. hopkid

    KoAloha Factory Visit

    I've just returned from Honolulu where I was on a business trip. I had the good fortune to get out of work early last Monday so I high-tailed it to the KoAloha factory to see where my concert model was made. I met Brian, who was finishing the set up for a tenor in which a pick-up had been...
  7. hopkid

    UAS Symptons Appearing

    I've been playing ukulele for 5 days now and I'm already looking online at other models, particularly vintage ones. I have a passion for all things vintage (music, clothing, etc.) and ukes are no exception apparently. So help me understand a bit about the going rate on vintage ukes. Here is...
  8. hopkid

    Beginner Looking for a Koa Concert

    I've never played an instrument but have decided on learning to play an uke. I've done a bit of research (it's really never-ending, isn't it?) and would like to get a koa concert. Ideally I'd love to get a Koaloha but I feel I need to first prove my commitment before justifying the purchase of...