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  1. stevepetergal

    What to do about a crack in the gloss finish?

    When this happens to me, here's what I think:
  2. stevepetergal

    Plectrum / Pick etc

    I just started using these: from Not a pick or plectrum, so must be etc.
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    Messing about again

    That's very nice. There is also, commercially available, laser printer decal transfer paper, both in water-transfer and rub-on varieties. The rub-on one is very thin and the result is excellent. I used photoshop software (and a lot of trial and error) along with a bit of gold-leaf paint to...
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    Fret Decals

    Floral stickers
  5. stevepetergal

    Interesting rosewood Bridge

    The bridge Jim mentions. I had one. Although this is a very common system on electric guitars, on the Lanikai it didn't work. That instrument had the worst intonation of any I've owned, by far. The nut adjustments only allowed replacing existing deficiencies with new ones. Might the short scale...
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    What did you do to your Uke today?

    I taught it a lesson.
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    KoAloha KCM-00 Concert with everything

    This ukulele was my go-to instrument for years. I bought it new from MGM, before he was with HMS. Selling because, having been replaced with two custom instruments, it no longer gets played. Please, see photos. This ukulele was built in March of 2008. I changed the friction tuners to geared...
  8. stevepetergal

    Bridge 'n' Strings

    I personally haven't noticed a difference, If I have it's been anecdotal. By the way, A Gilbert bridge on an ukulele. I believe Lanikai makes a couple of models with Gilberts as well.
  9. stevepetergal

    Honolulu airport prohibits playing musical instruments

    Hawaii International is trying to avoid this:
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    Beginning Fingerstyle Resources

    For beginning campanella style, I highly recommend John King's book titled Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Masters John King The Classical Ukulele Book/CD. Some of the arrangements may seem advanced but it starts with a couple of very easy ones and the progression takes you through the style in such a way...
  11. stevepetergal

    Tauro solid spruce top concert review

    First, I must say that my expectations are usually very high, but for this review, I will try to compare apples to apples. The Tauro ukulele (made by Sinye Musical Instruments) is not a “K” brand or custom. But it is a real musical instrument, in that it has a solid spruce top, and should be...
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    Help with ukulele rosette or inlay

    Bought this one from (in the States):
  13. stevepetergal

    Outdoor Ukulele Tenor update

    Blackbird and a few other small builders make tenors out of plastic/carbon fiber. (no inexpensive ones come to mind)
  14. stevepetergal

    New KoAlanas

    Yup. I'm a terrible guy. I don't deserve this beautiful instrument. Anybody want to buy a heavily used KoAloha KCM-00 Concert? I'm selling it. Since this photo, I've switched the tuners for gold Gotoh UPTs with amber buttons.
  15. stevepetergal

    slotted headstock or none

    For practicality's sake, I'd say there's very little difference. You can, of course, buy extremely expensive classical-style tuners and they'll perform better than most. But, why? You can buy very high quality tuners in either style. My personal feelings: I have abandoned the desire for the...
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    Restoring an old "Regal?"

    Can't tell the thickness of the bridge, but in your photo the bridge looks like it should for that style (except for the broken portion). The length is about equal to the diameter of the rosette. (see photo of Regal below) It may very well be original. You could probably duplicate it as easily...
  17. stevepetergal

    What will the ukulele of the future be?

    And a bit bigger. Perhaps like this super-baritone: (Hmm... I guess we're already there) Welcome to the future!! (love those Aquila Reds)
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    Where's the most interesting place you've played?

    Sweltering heat in Bahir Dar.
  19. stevepetergal

    Raising action ?

    If the nut sits in a slot, like this: I think you can do it. (in fact, the nut on this Boat Paddle looks like it's been shimmed up) But simply glued in place against the edge of the fretboard, like this: Nope.
  20. stevepetergal

    Daniel Ho's comment about friction tuners

    This is a compensated saddle on a guitar. It is not straight, but rather shaped to give each string (in this case) a very slightly different length to adjust for intonation discrepencies. A compensated ukulele saddle works using the same principle.