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    T2 Titaniaum Strings/Jake strings Over 100 sets Bulk Pack

    I am selling a bulk pack of over 100 complete sets of Ukulele strings T2 Titanium purple d'adario strings and Jake Daddario classic strings. Price $130 shipped in the USA.
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    Weirdos stealing my threads and making like there uke belongs to them.

    aalia_12 is super shady. This guy is stealing my threads and making like my custom uke is his. Pretty weird brah. Stay away from my Uke weirdo.
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    Just got my Ultimate Curly Koa Sonny D Custom Bell shape tenor Uke.

    My high grade Curly koa custom tenor bell has just been completed. Wow i am so excited. Every time i get a new uke i end up picking up allot new things messing around hearing the sound, getting a new uke motivates me to play even more, i end up buying a new uke every 6 months to fuel this...
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    Daddario J71 Pro arte VS T2 strings?

    Has anyone tried the T2 daddario strings in the same diameter and tension ad the j71 set, and also tried the pro arte j71 as well? Please share your thoughts and comparison. I am very intrestead in the T2 strings, i currently using the pro arte strings and might want to sample the T2's but it...
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    What size string gauge for unwounded Low G string?

    Hey, I am trying to figure out what size string gauge would be used for a unwound low g setup? Does D'addario have a low g setup in pro arte style our does anyone know the string spec so i could Frankenstein my own string setup? Thanks
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    Just picked up a Custom Sonny D 8 String

    I just picked up my custom Sonny D 8 String. Sonny D and his Son Dwayne customized this uke to my likings. They designed the neck/fretboard specifically for my hands. I am really pleased with this uke. The wood is high grade blob curly koa with maple/ebony accents. Also the neck is made...
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    Messing around with my Black Koa Uke

    Here is a brief sound clip of me messing around with my Sonny D Black Koa custom. I had some people message me wanting to hear it.
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    Just got my custom Curly Black Koa Uke :)

    Well I been waiting for one of my customs and its finally done. The sound and feels is so amazing. Its made out of curly black Koa built by Sonny D ukuleles in Waiphau Hawaii. Let me know what you guys think.
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    A message from Troy Fernandez. Video

    Troy Fernandez one of greatest ukulele players in the world talks about ukuleles.
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    Passive Pickup with Sound FX come in.

    Aloha, I am thinking about putting a pickup into one my ukes. I really like the idea of messing around with sound effects, also on rare occasion i like to play insane rock mode on my line 6 amp. Does anyone have a passive pickup and use sound effects plugging it straight in to the amp...
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    Fedor,Gegard,Miller.Strikeforce CBS TODAY!

    Check out CBS today. Strikeforce is holding a pretty solid card.
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    Check out my custom ukuleles :)

    Just got my custom ukuleles from legendary ukulele builder Sonny-D in hawaii, Im so happy !!! They both sound bad ass. :D Now its time for a pickup but in which one? Hmm not sure yet 8 string our the 4 string. There made out of Dark black curly Hawaiian Koa. Also its got sonny-d's new...
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    Electric Ukulele options?

    Aloha, I am looking to get a electric ukulele, to play heavy distortion and to add soundfx also if possible a wameebar.. What type of electric ukuleles are out there in the market now? I heard of eleuke. Are there any other good brands that perform well for my type of applications? Any...
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    Anyone running a eleuke?

    Anyone running a eleuke? Hows it run with a rough distortion setting/pedal? Anyone got any experience with this ukulele?