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  1. gnordenstam

    Retuning a baritone to GCEA

    Ken Middleton (Living Water Strings) has a nice sounding set of Baritone GCEA (low G) for sale. I have them on my Ohana BK035.
  2. gnordenstam

    Ukulele Rack? What are the alternatives for displaying ukuleles?

    Nice Graphophone! What model is that? I have a collection of Graphophones and Edison machines. I used to do a lot of restoration work.
  3. gnordenstam

    A Good Starting Point for Players of all Abilities

    I don't typically make New Year's Resolutions, but I found this quote from Beethoven a good one to hold close and help me grow in my ability to perform on the ukulele... "To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable." --Ludwig van Beethoven
  4. gnordenstam

    Lunch Box Ukulele

    Here are a couple of pictures of the Godiva Chocolate Tin Uke I made my son last Christmas. The acoustic sound is a bit tinny, but with the piezo pickup you can get a decent sound out of it. --G
  5. gnordenstam

    Need Tabs/Chords for Mission of My Soul - Peter Himmelman

    Hi There, I've searched high and I've searched low, I can't find tabs or chords for the song "Mission of My Soul" by Peter Himmelman anywhere. We want to have it performed acoustically at our wedding in July. Here's a YouTube clip of the song... Any help will be...
  6. gnordenstam

    Anyone know what this instrument is???

    I've built three 3-stringers on a 25" scale and one uke on a soprano scale. Here are two of the 3-string cigar box guitars and the Godiva Tin ukulele. These were Christmas presents for my kids. The pirate themed guitar has skull knobs on the tuning pegs.
  7. gnordenstam

    Godiva Chocolate Tin Uke

    Just about finished with this build - Godiva Tin body, walnut fretboard, zebra wood bridge, Aquila strings, piezo pickup...
  8. gnordenstam

    Anyone made a diddley-bow?

    I finished up my 3-string cigar box guitar last night. Cigar Box Nation is a great site. Other helpful sites are Cigar Box Guitars and Handmade Music Clubhouse. Here are a couple of pics of final assembly...
  9. gnordenstam

    Anyone made a diddley-bow?

    I built one recently. Used a 1x2 piece of poplar, and empty dog food can for the resonator, and a spare guitar tuning peg. Now I'm working on a three string fretless cigar box slide guitar. I'm hoping to drill the headstock for the tuning pegs this evening and then apply a finish to the neck...
  10. gnordenstam

    First Build - a Diddley Bow

    Built a Diddley Bow this evening using a dog food can for a resonator, a 30" poplar stick, a guitar tuner, and a light gauge acoustic guitar E string. Played with a glass slide.
  11. gnordenstam

    Let me see your junk

    No, you're not alone. Mine has miscellaneous strings (new and used for uke and mando), some tuning pegs, glass slides, a small screwdriver, miscellaneous picks (felt, finger, etc.), and a finger nail clipper.
  12. gnordenstam

    I bought a Bro-Jo!

    I posted a picture of this the other day, in the Uke p*** thread, but wanted to share this in a thread of its own. I was in Willies American Guitars in St. Paul on Sunday and fell in love with this cigar box instrument for about $200.00. It's called a BroJo. It's a steel string cigar box, with...
  13. gnordenstam

    Post your uke pics here!

    Just acquired a locally made Bro-Jo cigar box uke at Willies American Guitars - steel strings with pickup. I'm having a blast with it!
  14. gnordenstam

    New Vintage Martin Day

    Here are some pictures of the new uke...
  15. gnordenstam

    New Vintage Martin Day

    Today I purchased a vintage Style 1 Martin from a private party. It's from the 40's - 50's era. Beautiful condition, no cracks, minimal wear, straight and level neck/fretboard. One ding to the corner of the headstock quite a while ago based on the color/discolorization of the bare wood. I...
  16. gnordenstam

    Carnival Uke Day

    Woo-hoo, I received a Carnival Uke, with the original box, as a gift today! --G
  17. gnordenstam

    List of movies with ukuleles in them

    Some Like It Hot with Marilyn on uke... Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) thanking Jack Lemmon’s character “Daphne” for getting her out of a jam: “If it wasn’t for you, they’d have kicked me off the train. I’d be out in the middle of nowhere, sitting on my ukulele.” Daphne (Jack Lemmon in drag) says...
  18. gnordenstam

    New Vintage Banjo Uke

    Here's a grainy image of the original skin with the fraternity signatures...
  19. gnordenstam

    My Uke Hanger

    Looks nice! I did something similar. I bought two pieces of pre-finished oak at Menards, a 1x4 and a 1x2. Screwed them together with three countersunk brass screws, and added the tool hangers. I hung it flush on the wall using a z-bar hanger. Total cost about $10.00.
  20. gnordenstam

    New Vintage Banjo Uke

    A few more images...