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    Please Tonclo NO p*** adds here!
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    The E- Chord - Is there an alternative?

    try 50 degrees barre chord Hello. This is the way I manage to play an E chord. With index do like a barre chord on second fret then tilt your finger just make sure the base of index is pressing the A string. That way it makes it easier to get other 3 fingers in line or doesn't it? anyway it...
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    what's the name of this chord?

    Hi all, Playing Bob Marley's "waiting in vain". The first chord is a Cm for sure. Other chord is A |3] E |4] C |5] G |6] Anyone know the name of this chord? Thanks Olivah
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    The La's "there she goes"

    Hi, personally one of my favourite pop songs from the 80's. Does anyone one know the basic chords? Thanks Olivah
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    The ukulele museum

    Fun site (in french) by Tonton Remy. Ukulele through the history of art. Olivah
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    mental illness and power

    Watching Gaddafi on TV I wonder, does power drive people crazy or are crazy people driven to power?
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    To look or not to look?

    Hello everyone. I'm still a beginner and was wondering, is it better when practicing to look at your fingers or try not to? Olivah
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    A thought for all the kiwis

    Hope all you people from NZ and your families are safe.
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    My strange E chord

    Hi all does this qualify for an E chord:confused: cheers Olivah
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    what is the song you hate to love?

    Let's be honest, everyone has a song they hate to love... ok here's mine : Indeep "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life":confused: Not really grammy material huh? But that guy can('t) RAP!
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    Sticky fingers?

    So here is my beginners question. When I play solo (picking) pressing down a single string, when I release it the string "rings" I mean plays an "unwanted" note... Don't know if that's clear, english is not my mother tongue. Can some one help me with this? Thanks Olivah
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    hello from Switzerland Hello everyone! Santa Claus gave us (my daughter an I) a soprano and concert ukulele for Xmas. I find myself spending a lot of time trying to play it and I love it! I'm a big fan of african music and would like to share with all you ukulele lovers another lovely african...