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  1. Esy


    Hello UU, here is my test record of Allemande on uke. Its after lil editing...
  2. Esy

    Gipsy ukulele improvistaion

    Hello all, I have short 45s record of improvisation of gispy swing on ukulele. I wanna write Song with this theme. What u mean..
  3. Esy

    Heart and Soul

    does anybody have tabs for this song ?:] I nlove it and i cant manege it meself
  4. Esy


    here i s my atempt to play sakura :]] :old:
  5. Esy

    Bass Uke

    Hello all, Im looking for some bass uke wth pickup.. Can anybody help me to find any in the 150-250$ range?:old:
  6. Esy

    Ode to Joy

    I found this little tune :] then i tried to play.. this is 3rd try to play :] EDIT: repaired old man :]]
  7. Esy

    Esy's custom flamenko ukulele song here is my own song, not perfect play but i wrote it when i play it :D
  8. Esy

    Hawaiian Superman

    hele my uke brothers and sisters. I trying to find est tabs for this song, can anybody help ?:] mahalo Esy
  9. Esy

    House of rising sun

    Hello all, here is my first try to record multiple layers and resample it.. i thing its not too bad on first try.
  10. Esy

    Crazy Master chief

    hello all uke positive ppls :] I record today one fun video for my friends.. If you wanna look go ;]
  11. Esy

    little try to "sing"

    Hello, sory if you get your ears broken after listen this. I tried to record something as sing :D I know horrible quality.. but tell me what i wanna do ? never sing ... or try to get better sing..:biglaugh: EDIT.... i...
  12. Esy

    Vou vivendo

    have anybody tabs ? regards esy
  13. Esy

    Strings comparsion..

    Hello now i buy some strings and go to test it... my default strings was Ko olau all plain High G strings.. Then if you wanna take this as my experience, people opinion can be differnt. This is only my feeling. All string been tested on Pono Tenor PKTE1 Ko olau Gold Tenor All Plain High G...
  14. Esy

    one of my motivation poster :D

  15. Esy

    Tabs software for pp

    Tabs software for PPC Hello all, Now I planing with my friend to make some software like a guitar pro or powertab for Pocket PC.. Is there somebody who wanna make a betatester when the program be in phase when can been tested ? Esy EDIT.: cam some moderator change the title name ?
  16. Esy

    another weeps ?

    hi, i post here my gently weeps vid, i know in this vid is much mistakes but i recorded this for my friend and upload it to YT, if u wanna look go to . Don't haras me. I play on uke 8 months and don't play on another instrument before. them Have a...
  17. Esy

    Tears in Heaven - another version

    I am looking for tabs or fingerpick progresion of this version :/
  18. Esy

    Black magic woman

    does anybody have tabs for this great arangment :D
  19. Esy

    Blues riffs

    Does anybody know some clasical blues riffs, i wnna to make imporovisation of blues, and freestyle blues lyrics.. thx for all :nana:
  20. Esy

    Pulp fiction

    Does anybody have have some tabs for song from this cult movie ?:]