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    New uke!!!

    hey guys my parents bought me a decent ukulele from hawaii midway through last year and i instantly fell in love with it... unfortunatly something fell off one of my bookshelves at night and totally destroyed my uke, just before my 18th birthday. so i havent been able to get onto UU recently...
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    hey guys broke my uke. any tips?

    hey guys this is what is looks like. its just the front but its bung up pretty bad without my uke im just a plain old guitar player :( thanks for the help guys
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    my ukulele broke, no chance to get a decent new one :(

    i was watchin a rugby match between Australia (my country) and South Africa that finished at 3 am. me and my mate walked into my room to see the worst luck ive had :(.. i normally place my ukulele on my table so its not lying on the floor to be trodden on or damaged but this is what caused its...
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    House of the rising sun

    hey guys this is an amazing song by the animals and has been covered by many different people and groups i was wandering if anyone has a picking versing not just strumming or if any1 could tab it out i dont think it would be that hard but thanks for the help in advance people
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    time after time = best song ever help

    some one please help me i loved this song on guitar and now heared it on ukulele i just need to learn it you can see it there some1 has to help me please. i want tabs for this so bad thanx
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    slay ride off the christmas album

    hey does any1 have tabs to that song "slay ride" aldrine plays on the Flake by jack johnson live lesson on the 12/10/08 the link it- thanx in advance to anyone who helps
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    smoothie girl

    hey this is a song ( my brother and his mates made up on holidays and they have lost contact with the guy on the guitar. can any1 help me by tabbing it on ukulele? it should be easy :) oh and ignore the last few seconds haha thanks
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    putting together im yours

    okay guys well ive seen 100 things on im yours and ive got the hang of it but im not sure of the bits no1 teaches and how it all goes together any help any1??
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    jack johnson, john mayer or jason mraz

    hey guys i know the picking for banana pancakes and i know im yours but if any1 has actual tabs or tutorials for any of jack johnson, john mayer or jason mraz that would be awesome :) thanx guys
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    Dont Worry Be happy

    hey does anyone have the tabs and chords to dont worry be happy by bob mccarthy i think it is... this is my first post so whatever help you guys can give me is great. thanx in advance