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    painting ukulele's

    if you painted on a ukulele would it ruin the sound? For example a fluke
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    can someone post a tab for dear prudence?

    seriously one of the best songs ever played by the Beatles and if anyone can help me find or make a tab that would be great! :)
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    What is the difference between concert and soprano ukes?

    I currently own a Lanikai LU-21 soprano as my starter uke and I can admit im a big guy so is the only difference the fret size or the sound too? Also I would like to know what kind of uke i should get next like should i keep with soprano or should i go to a concert or tenor any suggestions would...
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    Am I like the only teen who plays uke?

    I've just started uke and I'm making this post because I'm just curious if there are any other teens out there who play uke like me. It would be interesting to see how many there are. :)
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    Hi everybody I'm seventeen and I'm new to the ukulele. I just started in November and I ended up here on UU because UKISOCIETY an inspiration of mine told me that this is the place to go for uke players. Any way I have a wide range of instruments that I can play or am learning to play I can...