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  1. tsudawuda

    Please keep an eye out for this ukulele.

    Someone recently broke into my home and stole a bunch of things. Many of these I could careless about. However, my Koaloha ukulele was among these things. Some of you may know how it looks (overloaded with stickers). For those of you who don't: Please...
  2. tsudawuda

    I just scalloped the last four frets on my uke.

    It may be just a standard uke with no pick-ups, but I use those frets a lot. And it really helps my bends and vibratos up there. By the way, it's a Koaloha. Yes, it was expensive before I defaced it drastically. But it's not like I was gonna sell it :p :p :p EDIT: Apparantly, I can't count. I...
  3. tsudawuda

    Can I gets your opinion?

    So I attempted to play Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd on the ukulele, solo and all, but my finger started to bleed, so I had to stop. But I uploaded the audio, so can I get your opinion as to how it's starting to song like? I went about 1 1/2 minutes into the solo before I stopped u.u...
  4. tsudawuda

    Hopefully no one posted this yet... Ummm....pain..
  5. tsudawuda

    We are two completely different people!

    So I been seeing some misleading info in a lot of places. Some I found on this very forum. So getting to the point... These are two different accounts made by two different people: 1. tsud123 (Dustin) 2. tsudawuda (matt) It may look similar, but those two accounts have no relation to each...
  6. tsudawuda

    Yellowcard's Only One Cover I worked extra hard on this one :D Plz comment or rate...or both..:D
  7. tsudawuda

    Super Mario 64 water theme :3...I'll get on thee tabs >:3
  8. tsudawuda

    Vamos Alla Flamenco ^^
  9. tsudawuda

    Did anyone go to the Dragonforce concert?

    At pipeline cafe on Nov. 1st? Best concert I've ever been to. They actually sound good live.
  10. tsudawuda

    Pokemon Medley Please listen, comment, and suscribe if you want. Here's my cover of a Pokemon medley.
  11. tsudawuda

    My deepest apologize.

    Im really sorry to all you UU users. I promised a number of tabs, and nothing. Its not that I dont wanna do it. Something just always comes up. Work, classes, forced errands. I try my best to make time, but I guess Im not trying enough. I have the list of tabs I needed to do. So if theyre not in...
  12. tsudawuda


    any one knows how to get a scratch off a screen. like a psp for example?
  13. tsudawuda

    Advice to you all..

    dont give up on the ukulele. its not limited to what it can and cannot play. the guitar does not completly blow away the uke on any contest. it is compatible with any type of music. and most importantly, even if you think you arent the best singer, who cares? sing from your heart. love your...
  14. tsudawuda

    LOZ Twilght Princess Ending Credits

    anyone heard this music. its super awesome. inspiring, dramatic, relaxing. everything. the best ending credits i ever heard in my life. thought id point this out. you know, share my thoughts. sorry no exact link but if you wanna hear it its downloadable at
  15. tsudawuda

    Canon rock opinion!

    I dont need tabs. Just an opinion. If you dont know what Canon Rock is, its on youtube. My question is, with the backtrack playing, would Canon Rock on the uke sound better slow, like JerryC's version, or fast like the others? I got a lot of the song down but i dont know how i should fill the...
  16. tsudawuda

    Pokemon Center!

    finally bought my memory card. anyways here. i accept criticizm, but the ones that help me. i dont know what theyre called.
  17. tsudawuda

    Valentines Song (-.-)

    whats a good song for valentines day? doesnt have to be an uke/guitar made song. In fact, doesnt even have to have words. In fact in fact, doesnt even have to be a song song, like a background music for an anime show. Preferably something that can be picked. I can make it work. i know its early...
  18. tsudawuda

    i heard it was valuable..

    my uncle gave me a (something) wyldes electric guitar. its the one with the white and black target design. anyways my uke teacher said it was worth a lot. jus wondering if i should get it fixed up and adjusted and not use it for guitar class performances.
  19. tsudawuda

    advanced wars DoR

    anyone plays? friend codes? mine is 055958913076.
  20. tsudawuda

    Midnight Hour tabs?

    anyone knows it? its the one by SDIB. if it helps the chords are high D, high A, Bm, and G. much appreciated.