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  1. Poi Dog

    I'm BACK li'dat... ;)

    Howzit all... been a long time since I've been able to buss out da uke or get on UU! Work has gotten way too hectic lately - so I need to unstress with a little help of my KoAloha! Anyways - glad to be back on UU... I'm sure I'll be checkin' out da forum a lot more often now that I've got more...
  2. Poi Dog

    Ghost Hunters LIVE '08

    Aloha All, Just wondering how many of you caught "Ghost Hunters LIVE" last night! It was pretty interesting! Here's a few pics I took while watching on the computer. LOL
  3. Poi Dog

    Ghost Hunting... picture

    Aloha All, Seeing how it's Halloween - I thought I'd ask how many of you have been on a "Ghost Hunt"? I've been on a few. More debunking than evidence as far as my investigations have shown. However my good friend Camile in Alabama (who I went to High School with in Hawaii and have gone...
  4. Poi Dog

    The Summer of '77 - A Horror Story (Happy Halloween!)

    "Summer of '77" – A Horror Story by J Blalack Based on a true story Chapter 1: The Beginning The summer of 1977 was a special time for those of us who were lucky enough to be around at that time. San Jose was not too large of a town back then, more or less "suburbia" of the...
  5. Poi Dog

    If Palin becomes President...

    Check it out!
  6. Poi Dog

    The Ghost of Aircraft 75 - Happy Halloween '08!

    The Ghost of Aircraft 75 - A True Story! As many of you know, I used to work for an airline (that shall not be named) in the 50th state. We had Douglas DC-8's, DC-9's, Lockheed L1011's and DeHavilland DHC-7's (so you can pretty much gather what airline it was.) Anyway, we had a Dash 7 known as...
  7. Poi Dog

    Pokemon D/P Event - Dragonite

    Just thought I'd let you know - Toys-R-Us will be giving away Level 50 Dragonite's November 8th & 9th, 2008! So what's so special about this Dragonite? Well, plenty apparently since Dragonite is evolved from Dragonair at Level 55! Since this Level 50 Dragonite is an Official Nintendo Event...
  8. Poi Dog

    Nintendo announces the next DS!

    Aloha All, Just thought I'd pass on some news regarding Nintendo's "newest" version of their portable game platform. The NEW version will be called the Nintendo DSi! The new DSi will not be compatible with Gameboy Advance (Slot 2) games like the previous versions of the DS & DSLite. Instead...
  9. Poi Dog

    The OFFICIAL 2008 Pokemon Tournament Thread

    Aloha All! This will serve as the OFFICIAL 2008 UU Pokemon Tournament Thread! Please only use this thread for Rules, Scheduling and Battle Result Posting. For all other comments you can post on the previous thread which can be found here ~~~>...
  10. Poi Dog

    2008 UU Pokemon Tourny "GIFT"

    Cancelled GIFT CANCELLED!
  11. Poi Dog

    Guess what game I just received?

    WOOHOO!!! Got a copy of it before its officially released! (Supposed to be released on 13SEP08 in Japan.) NOTE - PM me if you want a copy of the ROM. Please be aware that it is in JAPANESE!
  12. Poi Dog

    Legit, Legal or Illegal Pokemon?

    I just thought I'd post this little topic to let you all know (in case you didn't know already) - but there has been a couple of major changes (advantages or dis-advantages, depending on your view of trading pokemon online) over the past week. A new program has been created and is now available...
  13. Poi Dog

    Zombie Survival Guide QUIZ

    Think you can survive when the ZOMBIES take over the world? BWAHAHAHA!! CLICK HERE to take the quiz now! NOTE: This is a brief quiz on the book "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks Please note that this is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and solely based on a book of fiction. Some...
  14. Poi Dog

    Goodbye my Poi Dog - I'll miss you!

    I just wanted to post that I'm saying goodbye to a long time friend today - my Poi Dog (who my screen name is named after) - Roxie. Sorry - I'm a little too choked up right now for details on her life, but it was a long and happy one I'm sure (seeing how it was hard to remember ever seeing her...
  15. Poi Dog

    Ho'ike Hawaii - Orlando, FL Oct 10-12, 2008

    Aloha All, I thought I'd pass on some info for those of you who may be interested. Ho'ike Hawaii will be having their annual Hawaiian/Polynesian Multi-Workshop in Orlando, Florida from October 10th to 12th, 2008. The Multi-Workshop not only has a ukulele Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced...
  16. Poi Dog

    Long Way Down - July 31st

    Aloha All, For any of you motorcycle enthusiasts like myself out there... I thought I'd pass on this tidbit of info for those who didn't know. Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman's "Long Way Down" will be in theaters for a one day event on Thursday, July 31st, 2008! Click HERE to check for a...
  17. Poi Dog

    Our FIRST video! WOOHOO!!

    Wassup UU bruthahs and sistahs! Well, my mom decided she wanted to record me and my son jammin' for my birthday... so tell me what you guys think. :D CLICK HERE
  18. Poi Dog

    How to respond when she says she's got a BF!

  19. Poi Dog

    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl EVENT - Deoxys

    Aloha All, I know I was a little late in letting people know about the last Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Event which featured a free download of Darkrai from Toys-R-Us during the last weekend of May (pictured below)... Well - GOOD NEWS!! There is another Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Event this month...
  20. Poi Dog

    Happy Father's Day!

    Just wanted to say "Happy Father's Day" to all you fathers out there! Hope you guys all had a great day relaxin' with the family or jammin' etc. I spent mine sleeping in then jammin' on the uke. :D Soon, I'll be out by the pool, smokin' a stogie! WOOHOO!!