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  1. Needofriendly

    Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars?

    So my brother showed me this song, and it just hit me. That I should maybe learn it. I looked on Youtube to check out if anyone has covered this song, playing an ukulele turns out there was. I was unable to see the video link somebody had made here on UU oringally posted by: "Blitzkey" (if i...
  2. Needofriendly

    The "B" Chord

    So if you held down this chord, B (Correct me if im wrong) -2- -2- -3- -4- And slid it down to the 3rd fret -3- -3- -4- -5- what would the name of this chord be?
  3. Needofriendly

    O.S saddles

    So I have an Oscar Schmidt concert OU-2 model ukulele, and I was having some trouble removing the saddle, it cant be easily taken apart from the bridge and I didn't use too much force because I was afraid that I would damage the bridge or anything worse, and I was wondering if anyone else who...