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  1. Apfelkuch3n

    Aldrines cover of Ke$has "Your love is my drug"

    Aloha mina san, Could someone tell me how he's playing it? I tried to figure it out by watching his video but I failed :eek: Thanks in advance, looking forward to your answers. Have a nice day/evening/whatever it is where you live :shaka: Mahalo, Lou
  2. Apfelkuch3n

    Eleuke Pineapple Tenor - How good is it?

    Aloha guys, my birthday is not far away and I'm thinking about giving myself a Uke as a present :D I'd love to play anytime I want to, that's why I'm thinking about an Eleuke. But I'm not sure if they're good. I own a Big Island Ukes Traditional Tenor and I love it, but I'm not sure if I'd...
  3. Apfelkuch3n

    WTS: Honu traditional tenor

    Aloha fellow ukelovers, I'm thinking about selling my Honu to save money for a Kamaka HF-3. It's not that I don't like her, but somehow I want a Kamaka HF-3 so badly. I bought the Honu in May here in Germany but sadly I couldn't play her for more than two hours, if it really was about two...
  4. Apfelkuch3n

    WTT: Honu traditional Tenor + additional payment for a Kamaka HF-3

    Aloha, is there someone who'd like to trade my brand new, "unplayed" Honu traditional tenor for a Kamaka HF-3? Please offer me your Kamaka HF-3 even if it's a little damaged or old, but why do I write this, there won't be any offers anyway, but I try (: I bought my Honu traditional tenor in...
  5. Apfelkuch3n

    Fremont Tweed Hardcase

    Aloha, I'm thinking about buying one of these beauties. But since I'm from Germany I can't afford buying one from MGM :( I can't find an official webpage, where are those from? Mayhaps someone wants to sell his hardcase? I'd buy the guitarshaped one but my Honu traditional Tenor won't fit...
  6. Apfelkuch3n

    How I met your mother

    I think everybody loves the show. It's just awesome :nana: I want to hear about your favourite moments :shaka: For those who don't know about HIMYM Mahalo
  7. Apfelkuch3n

    What about a Ukemeet in Bavaria/Germany

    Aloha everybody, I know, the chances of finding enough people from Germany, especially Bavaria are very little. But I wanted to ask :) I'd appreciate meeting Uke lovers from Bavaria :shaka: Mahalo
  8. Apfelkuch3n

    Honu Club

    Aloha friends, This club is for all the Honu lovers in the underground, although I think that there aren't so many Honu players. I thought we could use CoffeeMates Honu social group as the groups HQ! :D I've got a Honu traditional tenor and I'm totally in love with her. I'm already thinking...
  9. Apfelkuch3n

    Best Webcam Software?

    Aloha everyone, I'd like to know which program you use for capturing. I'm using Windows XP and 7 but I think most Vista programs will work on 7. A friend is using some software which came with his Macbook, I think it's iSight or something. Is there anything like the Apple software? Thanks in...
  10. Apfelkuch3n

    I am registration problem

    Aloha, does anyone know why I can't register? It keeps telling me that the username needs to be alphanumeric. It is, and it doesn't matter what I type in, it keeps saying it. And why do I need to have an account to view Aldrines I'm yours lesseon ;_;'' Mahalo //edit: Just found to download...
  11. Apfelkuch3n

    I want a beautiful kelly green UU Shirt in Size M - Please help me :D

    Aloha everybody, I'd totally like to buy an UU shirt in kelly green, size M before the price will rise. But apparently they're sold out :( Is there a way to get a green one? Maybe a used one, I want this shirt so bad. Is there a fellow ukefriend who wants to sell his green UU Shirt? Thanks...
  12. Apfelkuch3n

    Honu Traditional Tenor or Pono Mango Tenor?

    Aloha, which one would you guys buy? A solid Koa Honu Traditional Tenor or a solid Mango Pono Tenor? Does anyone have one of these? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Greetings and thanks in advance, Lou
  13. Apfelkuch3n

    Pleas help me fast - Looking for a Tenor Uke (max. 480 $)

    Please help me fast - Looking for a Tenor Uke (max. 480 $) Aloha everybody, Friends of mine are flying to the United States this Sunday and I thought that this was my chance to finally get a good uke. After playing my orange Mahalo Soprano Uke which I got last year from a friend, I think it's...
  14. Apfelkuch3n

    Who is the Aldrine Guerrero of guitar?

    Aloha everybody, I recently bought a guitar (a Walden Concorda CG530) and I was wondering if there is someone who does lessons and stuff like Aldrine, because everytime I want to play guitar I end up watching one of Aldrines videos learning a song on the uke. I don't know if it's just me, but...