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  1. h-drix

    zee avi

    really cool uke artist. I searched for her, but since her name only has three letters the search function wouldnt work. here ya go:
  2. h-drix

    Gstring reviewed

    i haven't been on for a really long time, and i dont recognize a number of you, so to you a say hello. For everyone else i say "how are things going?" anyways, ive had my uke for a few months so i posted a review. located here...
  3. h-drix

    surf wax america

    Could anyone tab the intro to this song? i tried to translate guitar tabs to uke tabs and it didnt work out. thanks. edit: heres a link to the song
  4. h-drix

    I just got my Gstring

    after 6 long months, a not being able to play for 4 of them (my other cheapo uke broke down) i finally received my Gstring. Thus far it is a very nice instrument, plays wonderfully. i cant comment on intonation since my ear isn't that well trained. Now i just need to build up my chops again =(...
  5. h-drix

    gaffers tape

    so i, like many others here, have the dean markley acoustic pstick on pickup. Its a great little guy, but the sticky stuff is horrible. I just read that gaffers tape works really well, anyone here use this type of tape?
  6. h-drix

    2 hr wedding

    so on craigslist i saw an add for an ukulele player for a wedding. I need to play for 2 hrs straight. its not for five months so i think i should be able to get in to shape. question, how much should i charge? im thinking about $100-150. and im just going to find songs though the "clickable list...
  7. h-drix

    acceptance and philly

    i normally dont start threads that have to do with my life and such (unless if its embarrassing moments lol). but im just so giddy. I GOT ACCEPTED TO DREXEL. i know there a few philly UU's. so this time next year we'll be a jammin and jammin and Jammin and jammin till the jam is through...
  8. h-drix

    florida keys

    Anything uke related in the Florida keys area? im going to be down there for a week during x-mas and i wouldnt mind going uke hunting. Who is that luthier that is in the mid Florida area, no idea what his name is. cheers
  9. h-drix

    plans and wood

    over the next 6-10 months ill have access to a workshop, fully equipped. over the first half i just want to get used to the machines and reading plans by building tables, chairs, etc then moving to smaller more intricate work (jewelery boxes, etc) towards the end i do want to build a uke. here...
  10. h-drix

    dean markley how to

    so i just picked up the dean markley transducer pickup, an let me tell you that thing is a beast. Question though, the sticky thing that holds the pickup on the uke; does that go between the pickup and the uke, or does it go up uke, pickup and the sticky stuff oer the pickup connect the two...
  11. h-drix

    2 cheap ukes

    so two of my freinds want to start playing the uke. :nana: but there price range is limited. I would like two ukes that are DIFFERENT(key word:p). right now is between 75-175, and if i could get one concert and one soprano that would be great. I know to look at your basic kala, Lanikai, or the...
  12. h-drix


    not really a uke...well the complete opposite of a uke, but i was wondering if anyone plays these and could suggest a good cheap melodica under $100. for those of you who dont know this is a melodica i think ti would be pretty cool to incorporate it...
  13. h-drix

    embarrassing moment i had the most embarrassing moment just now. its 11 o'clock at night. I was coming back from work, and i stopped over at my girlfriends house. I tried calling her while driving there, but no luck. Then my phone died, so how was i get her attention (i havent seen her in about a week) here...
  14. h-drix

    identify a ukulele

    A few posts the past few days have commented on a band called the king blues. ive listened to them for the past two years (i think) and for the past 10 months ive watched videos and looked at pics, but i cant seem to figure out the uke. So far this is the best pic i can come up with, ive never...
  15. h-drix

    GHS strings

    i just bought GHS strings (black), i know there the lowest of the low when it comes to strings, but i was hoping they would be an improvement on the no name clear strings that came with my uke. Anyways, the g E and A strings sound fine, no problem. The C string is just horrible, the string not...
  16. h-drix

    Der Leiermann

    Just watched "In Bruges" really good movie, and the sound track is grand. This song was featured, it was a piano vocal piece, so i dont know how well it would translate to a uke. If any one has the sheet music could you upload it. I know this is a long shot lol.
  17. h-drix

    johnny comes marching home/ Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye/ English Civil War/ die hard song

    any one know the tabs for this song? i can find the chords no problem, but i cant find a picking version. I tried creating my own but failed. any help would be great. heres a flute version of the song
  18. h-drix

    ukulele jokes

    Everyone needs a good lol now and then, what are some good uke jokes. now i could do a google search but that would be incredible boring now wouldn't it. :D
  19. h-drix

    RIP George carlin

    he died this past sunday 6pm (pdt), he was a great comedian and i loved his stand up. He as one of the few comedians that used foul language not for the hell of it (well yea he did but...) but because it worked so well, he used it so amazingly few could deny his talents. for those of you who...
  20. h-drix

    landell bari-uke

    im not a huge fan of bari-ukes, but i saw a lindell bari for about $200. it said it was circa 1960's. how correct is this i do not know, but i cant find any information on landells in general. it does sound quite nice (as far as my inexperience ear goes) and i would like to know if it would be...