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  1. menehunenyc

    Lets Dance - Jake cover

    Finally!!! I got 'Lets Dance' by Jake S., with special thanks to Dominator for all his help. Here it is.:cool:
  2. menehunenyc

    I Will - cover

    Here is my latest posting, a cover of L&M's I will. Hope you like... I Will
  3. menehunenyc

    I'll stand by you - cover

    here is my lastest upload folks. Comments and critiques most welcome. Thanks, Menehunenyc
  4. menehunenyc


    Here is my latest youtube post: edelweiss
  5. menehunenyc

    Shambala cover

    Hey guys, just posted a video, first one in 6 months, yikes. hopefully the next one won't be so long in coming. Comments and critiques most welcome!! Shambala: Three Dog Night
  6. menehunenyc

    Stop Dragging My Heart Around

    Does anybody have tabs for "Stop Dragging my Heart around" by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. I want to collab with someone special... Thanks guys,:shaka: Menehunenyc
  7. menehunenyc

    Knock on Heavens Door

    I hope he doesn't mind, but olu143 posted a great rendition with a friend of his. Lets give him his props!!:shaka:
  8. menehunenyc

    Young Blackbird cover

    check out this young kids version of blackbird. He doesn't pick, but he's got the chords and the voice.
  9. menehunenyc

    Blackbird cover

    Hey guys, if you are at all interested, I posted a new video on YT, a cover of Blackbird using Seeso's amazing tabs. Big thanks to Seeso and to Dominator for pointing me in that direction!!Comments good and bad and in between please!!
  10. menehunenyc

    Happy Chinese New Year!! What animal are you?

    I can never remember, but this time is going to be different. So I found out what my birth year corresponds too, I was born in the year of the Snake. Below is a chart that will tell you what animal you "are": Rat 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 Ox 1925 1937 1949 1961...
  11. menehunenyc

    Mayo or Mustard? Stupid poll...

    Hey guys, just made myself a deli sandwich and spread my mayo on the open piece of bread, like I ALWAYS do, because thats the CORRECT way to do it, and I began wondering how others do it, I mean spreading the condiments. What do you put on the open slice of bread, Mayo Or mustard or something else.?
  12. menehunenyc

    My Video got yanked off YouTube!!

    AIIIIIIYYYYYAAAA!! :eek: My rendition of 'summertime' by Gershwin must have been so good, so close to the original (or perhaps way too bad) that Time Warner asked YouTube to pull my video!!! I will have to check if all the other vids were pulled too! watch out guys, better check your vids for...
  13. menehunenyc

    New yellow uke!

    Hey guys, just came across a new uke player, new uke, wrote a new song after only playing just a half hour (so she says). Anyway, shes got a great sounding voice, sorta like Ricky Lee Jones. Stacystars:
  14. menehunenyc

    Lion song - cover

    Keepin it simple this time guys, nothing fancy. but its my first video in a long time, finally got my video uploaded from imovie, so the quality of the sound is alot better, but I think I need more light before the visuals get better. The 'stasche' I'm sporting is only for the month of January...
  15. menehunenyc

    Ukulele Malaguena - YT video

    Don't know if he is a member of UU yet, but I invited him...He's been playing only a month, but he is off to a much faster start than I was when I started. Give him some kudos!! Ukulele Malaguena
  16. menehunenyc

    I don't understand where this is going, but...

    Came across this interesting t-shirt for sale. Certainly has overtones of UUs rebelliousness, but something about it doesn't sit right with me... Front Back
  17. menehunenyc

    I hope this doesn't happen to you this X-mas!!

    Oh Boy, just what I wanted, a ukulele!! How did they know?!! UGH!! UAS sucks...
  18. menehunenyc

    importing pictures to threads?

    Anyone care to tell me how to import pictures into the threads so that the appear in the thread, not as links? Many thanks from this aged dinosaur...:o
  19. menehunenyc

    New high in members on line 137!!

    Woohoo!! New high in users on line tonight at 10pm est. Check it out!!
  20. menehunenyc

    Call me - cover

    Check out this music teacher's music videos, she has some powerful voice, quite an eclectic selection of songs too. I invited her to check out UU, maybe a few more invites from you all will convice her. Call me - by Blondie