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  1. AcousticMonster

    AcousticMonster on Local Newspaper "Link Live" Jan 27th

    Hi guys, I haven't been posting in a long time, but thought this might interest players in my area. The local newspaper asked me to play ukulele on their "Link Live" video show webpage. Lets see if I can get my original songs past the censors. :drool...
  2. AcousticMonster

    Finally got a puppet video done...

    After months of pulling my hair out, I finally got a new video project up and running. Come check out my new Vampire puppet episode:
  3. AcousticMonster

    Marketing to Vampire Kids...a big LOL

    I was in Hot Topic today (don't ask me why), and I seen these new energy products marketed to the Vampire kids. LOL...WTF? They looked like blood packs from the blood bank. They even had green Zombie blood in Bio-Hazard packs. LOL...I thought that was funny.
  4. AcousticMonster

    Tron: Legacy

    I seen the new Tron movie today in 3D. I loved the original, but this one was kind of...meh. I did enjoy the retro young Jeff Bridges effect.
  5. AcousticMonster

    Okay...I'm totally grossed out now!!!

    I live in a three story apartment building, with the stairwells facing the house next door. They just sold the house, which has a big picture window in the living room. You can see into their living room from the stairwell (you just cant avoid it) as your going down the stairs. Well...A friend...
  6. AcousticMonster

    Don't play a gig wearing your fur hat!

    Don't play a gig wearing your fur hat...You WILL get heat stroke! :p
  7. AcousticMonster


    I sat down tonight to watch television and seen Elvira on my screen. Are they bringing her Movie Macabre show back? It looked like she was review the Night of the Living Dead again.
  8. AcousticMonster

    Muppets/Puppets: Does Anyone Here Build Them?

    Are there any Muppet/Puppet builders here on the UU? I want to create some Muppet style puppets for a couple videos. Does anyone know where I can the patterns for these? Thanks!
  9. AcousticMonster

    Epic Rap Battles of History!

    LOL, I seen these on YouTube today. Check out these guy's videos: John Lennon vs. Bill O'Reilly Darth Vader vs. Hitler
  10. AcousticMonster

    My Apartment is Haunted! Seriously Guys...

    Oh my god, you guys. My neighbors always told me my apartment was haunted, but I was a skeptic when it came to ghosts. Then about two weeks ago things started moving around in my kitchen. I think I really might have a ghost. I took this video on 11/11/2010 in my kitchen. It has not been...
  11. AcousticMonster

    Vanity Plates

    I bought a PT Cruiser a couple weeks ago, and now I want to get some vanity plates for it. Since I have seven letters to work with I was thinking about using "UKULELE". What do you guys think? Is that cool, or lame? :confused: What do you think I should put on my vanity plates?
  12. AcousticMonster

    My Kala's are Cutting My Aquila Strings

    Hi guys, I got two Kala Tenors, both the same model, with Aquila strings. At the last fret on both ukes it wears grooves into the strings, and eventually causes them to snap. I can go through a set of strings within two weeks. I've been tolerating it since I bought them, but it's starting to...
  13. AcousticMonster

    Talk Like A Pirate Day

    International "Talk Like A Pirate" day is on the 19th this month! In the spirit of things I was looking up videos on YouTube. I found this really funny one were Ninja's are protesting a Pirate convention. LOL, check out the twist ending...
  14. AcousticMonster

    Melodic Minor Chord Progressions

    Hey guys...I'm trying to brush up on my chord progression theory. I don't play jazz songs but was wondering if any jazz players on the UU could answer a question for me? I know the melodic minor scale is basically the same as a natural minor scale, but with a raised 6th and 7th note (playing...
  15. AcousticMonster

    The Ines Sainz Controversy I seen this on ABC news this morning. Is anyone else rolling their eyes at this nonsense? Gotta love the NFL.
  16. AcousticMonster

    Okay...So I think I need a Head Shrink!

    Do we have any resident psychologist/psychiatrist here at the UU? I think I'm finally cracking up! I found an old 80's cartoon series (including the commercials) on YouTube tonight. After watch just a half an episode I found myself getting depressed. Is it bad if the highlight of my life is...
  17. AcousticMonster

    Can anyone here program in Flash?

    I'm building a website and want to add a ukulele tuner (in Flash). Does anyone here know Flash programming? I'm trying to figure out how to make one of these, but I have no experience programming in Flash. Any advice/help would be great.
  18. AcousticMonster

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    Well, I got roped into seeing this Saturday while on a blind date. This is, hands down, the most boring movie I've ever seen! I can't believe they dragged this out for two hours. (Attention: SPOILERS) Let me sum it up for you in a nutshell... They are making out in a field. They are...
  19. AcousticMonster

    Martin Guitar and Fender Amp 4 Sale

    I'm looking to sell a Martin DCX1E Guitar (w/Access Hard-shell Case) $500. The guitar is almost mint condition accept for one worn spot on the sound hole from picking, and it comes with a built-in Fishman Classic IV pickup. Buyer will pay any shipping cost in addition to the cost of the...
  20. AcousticMonster


    Just seen Predators today. It was pretty awesome! Edit: Sorry mods, in my enthusiasm I put this in the wrong folder. Please move to TV/Movies