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  1. fynger

    HATS. ( Just a bit of fun.) of my hats
  2. fynger

    Post your uke pics here!

    Bird Feeders
  3. fynger

    The UKE on the UK

    Sky HD: 11:00am Mighty Uke This award-winning documentary travels the world to discover why so many people are turning to the ukulele to express themselves, connect with the past and with each other. Sky arts Friday.
  4. fynger

    Post your uke pics here!

    Here's my Latest
  5. fynger

    New tiny Uke

    Found this at a boot sale....30p.....its only 3 inch tall but pretty
  6. fynger

    Banjolele Questions

    No cant bend it as its 'L' shaped and wouldn't bend properly ...from this pic you can see that i've cut it down shorter and with the correct placement it will follow the 8 inch curve....mine didn't reach 2 brackets tho...only the 1
  7. fynger

    Banjolele Questions

    Hi this is an armrest for an 11 inch pot, I modified it to fit my 8 inch pot....can supply more close up pix if required....It works great and is fairly close to the correct curve now.
  8. fynger

    Post your uke pics here!

    Just made and added an Armrest.
  9. fynger

    Banjolele Arm-Rest

    Hi, does anyone know where I could buy a Banjolele armrest for an 8 inch pot....similar to what i have on my banjos...I don't mind if it has to screw directly into the wooden pot itself.
  10. fynger

    Gone fretless ..Big time

    Robert Wadlow had the same Uke
  11. fynger

    Post your uke pics here!

    Here's ours.
  12. fynger

    getting this ukulele tattoo today!!

    Did you see this one ??