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  1. hands_on_lanzon

    Visiting Oahu & Big Island in February

    I just saw Ukulenny and Abe Lagrimas Jr. post a little uke session in Waikele. I don't know all the details, but could be worth checking out. As far as playing solo, any beach, park, or quiet area does well. Watch for that rain tho, depending on where you are. Check the weather and plan...
  2. hands_on_lanzon

    Wanted: Opinions on first Flamenco Blanca

    I went thru a similar search... sold a (cheaper, japanese production model) classical with high action and thought I would focus on the uke. Then an HMS episode featured a classical and a flamenco from Guitarras Romero which made me think I wanted a flamenco guitar. I was eyeing a bunch of...
  3. hands_on_lanzon

    Airline travel

    I flew Hawaiian Airlines with a tenor in a hard shell case and it fit in the overhead fine. The only question I had, at any point on my trip, was TSA opened up the case to check out the Boveda humidity control pack. No questions at the gate or on the plane from anyone associated with the...
  4. hands_on_lanzon

    The Headstock Thread!

    I missed my window, but will forever observe the excess string direction from now on! Chasing lightning.
  5. hands_on_lanzon

    Ask the person after you a random question

    Time travel trickiness continues. Undoing a decision or action changes everything... then I would come back to present and not know what the heck happened. In that case, I'd probable stick with re-experiencing a great day and trying not to mess up the timeline. What's the strangest...
  6. hands_on_lanzon

    The Headstock Thread!

    I'd say it's impossible. But in this particular case, I tuned it and had been playing it for a couple weeks before taking the picture. A magical moment! For a moment, I thought he was either a wizard or had extreme OCD. 😁 For the record, I've since changed the strings and they're now facing all...
  7. hands_on_lanzon

    The Headstock Thread!

    Kinnard. One random thing that mystified me was that all the excess clipped strings faced the same direction, when in tune! There's no way he's calculated this... is there?!?!? :unsure:
  8. hands_on_lanzon

    Going on up- I'm looking at tenors in the Anuenue moonbird quality and price region. Mass market or consider luthier built?

    As far as luthier built ukes go, this Compass Rose was posted in the "Please, somebody buy this" thread (can we start normalizing PSBT?). Is there a nicer luthier built uke at this price point available anywhere?
  9. hands_on_lanzon

    Going on up- I'm looking at tenors in the Anuenue moonbird quality and price region. Mass market or consider luthier built?

    Before we get back on the rails, I'm gonna jump in to agree with this!! I was at the Windward Mall location yesterday and played everything I could get my hands on. It was near closing, I was the only one in the store, and the clerk must've felt my ukeaholism, so she went to the back and busted...
  10. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    My pleasure! It's very well made. For some reason, I really started to appreciate the effort when he was working on the fretboard. I had the same issue. Your location has to be set to Continental US.
  11. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    I wonder if there's anyone else out there, aside from me, who can't take it and has considered the new "Ignore thread" feature. So much good stuff!! 🫣
  12. hands_on_lanzon

    Low G Uke, is there a size that fits better?

    Hi @Fhede ! In your listening and watching videos, so far, have you been drawn to low the low G sound? Coming from guitar, it might resonate better with your ear and feel. As you're getting ready to swap the strings on your Ohana, what you could do is buy a single low G along with your new...
  13. hands_on_lanzon

    First Uke advise

    Congrats on the World Cup win and congrats on your new uke! I don't know which is better!! 😁 welcome to the ukulele world!!
  14. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    I love finding new builders and getting to see their love for the ukulele. In my research, I came across this amazing build video on Peter's website.. I think my favorite I've seen. Always something new to learn!
  15. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    This reverb seller is causing quite a stir! The listings went from 17 to 16 overnight. I didn't notice what sold. Still no reviews since I'm sure the buyers wouldn't have received their instruments yet. I'm not in the market to buy at this time and help solve the mystery, but I sure am curious...
  16. hands_on_lanzon

    Tying Knots

    I had hopes on the slight chance this thread might be about ukulele gigs at weddings. 😬 I've heard a couple luthiers mention that a string thru bridge might be one of the various design choices that could improve sound a fraction of a percent, as the string is transferring vibration directly to...
  17. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    I sent a message to ask for a sound sample and got an immediate response! He said he's not set up to do sound samples, but did give more information on the builder I asked about, Peter Hurney. I was intrigued by the Pohaku concert... never heard of that maker.
  18. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    Egad! The intrigue continues. I figured it out.. I had my location set to Hawaii. These results only appear when set to Continental US. Thanks!
  19. hands_on_lanzon

    Please, somebody buy this

    Do you need to have a reverb account to see their current listings? When I click on the seller, it shows zero current listings. I'm super intrigued!!
  20. hands_on_lanzon

    The Ukulele Store - Waikiki - any experience?

    No problemo! I think I saw the little display you mentioned, but I didn't check it out. I don't believe it's related to the Ukulele Store and it doesn't come up on my might just be a display? Does this window look familiar? I feel like this is where I saw it... The Ukulele Store is...