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  1. Renaissance-Man

    my ukulele progress

    Voran is Irish, yes. I'm not sure she's attempting to create traditional Irish music though. Ironically, traditional Irish music is not all warm and fuzzy. Voran is authentic, and that's what I like about her.
  2. Renaissance-Man

    What chords do cats like?

    Whatever you do, do not make any mention of catgut strings. Ever!
  3. Renaissance-Man

    Purchased another Ukulele

    Esta guitarra es muy buena. Me gusta!
  4. Renaissance-Man

    Ignoring threads and forums (New feature conversation)

    Personally, my internal ignore is all I need. ;) Thanks to the admins for your excellent work. :)
  5. Renaissance-Man

    How do you decide to let a uke go?

    How do you decide to let a uke go? It's never easy to end a relationship between a man and his ukulele. Here's what I do. I open it's case, and walk away. If it leaves me, it was meant to be. All we are is dust in the wind. A penny saved is still only a penny. That's all I got. But wait...
  6. Renaissance-Man

    Journey Instruments Solid Sitka Travel Ukulele – UC490CE

    Thank you @Stoneyrun for passing along this nice deal. Good on you. :) It was a bit confusing and frustrating for some of us to figure out where and how to purchase one of these ukuleles. Initially not knowing where to look, I finally found it on Amazon (you know, the big river site), and for...
  7. Renaissance-Man

    How do you delete a post?

    As they say in the funny papers, "you're a good man, Charlie Brown". I see what you did here @TimWilson.
  8. Renaissance-Man

    my ukulele progress

    Hey, It's really not dumb at all, although, like with ukulele, you'll find a spectrum of ability and knowledge at a drum circle. As with ukulele, you'll also find an abundance of people on the internet who teach the fundamentals. I own too many percussion instruments, but I enjoy the pursuit. I...
  9. Renaissance-Man

    my ukulele progress

    I like what you're doing with this. Not necessarily the composition, but the way you like to riff on a musical theme. You will reach your intended musical destination, because you're taking the right path. As far as I know, you may already be where you wanted to go. It seems that way. You've...
  10. Renaissance-Man

    my ukulele progress

    Hey, thanks for that! I tried Rev's suggested intervals, and of course they were a bullseye. But, it's too sterile. For my ears, I prefer playing the single notes, with a slide up from the flat to the root. I gotta have the slide in there.
  11. Renaissance-Man

    my ukulele progress

    Everyone knows of the rhythm, "shave and a haircut - two bits", used as the note timing for a popular song ending. Bo Diddley even used it as a strum pattern. Many song rhythms are based on train track syncopation. John Cash's Folsom Prison Blues is one example. Have you ever played in a drum...
  12. Renaissance-Man

    Enya Carbon Fiber on Sale Amazon

    I understand that it's your pet peeve. I'm sure I have those too, no doubt. I've owned several Gibson Les Pauls over the years. The Les Paul shape was modeled after a small bodied acoustic guitar, with an added cutout. It's really not a unique shape, but it has become a recognized one associated...
  13. Renaissance-Man

    Delivery Speed

    My two Siberian Huskies don't bark, and aren't territorial by nature. They enjoy an occasionally howl. They do get very happy when I carry a box inside. They assume it's from I always give them treats when unboxing anything, so they aren't disappointed. My dogs would welcome any...
  14. Renaissance-Man

    Delivery Speed

    Yes, that is fast delivery. Enjoy. Have you considered having your parcel held at their depot, or delivered to a secure location? Signature required is another option. I agree. How is it? Do you like it?
  15. Renaissance-Man

    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    I know you love animals, Voran. But this is a lot like having to care for a baby for 40 years. It's that much work. I married my junior high school sweetheart, so we just naturally have the commitment. I keep her locked in the basement, so she can't leave me. Just kidding. I'm a trophy husband...
  16. Renaissance-Man

    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    I can read, Brian. ;) Yes, he was around 5yrs old when we first got him. Some of his primary feathers have grayed. They get old, just like people and dogs. Here's a few feathers from our 45 yr old macaw. Those are all wing feathers. I don't have a tail feather handy. I just wanted to show you...
  17. Renaissance-Man

    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    We have a green wing macaw. We got him in 1983. He calls me boy. Parrots are a lot of work and a big commitment Voran.
  18. Renaissance-Man

    The Raven Colony: Voran's diary

    Good job, Voran. :) We had a big black lab named Onyx when I was in my teens. In those days, it was common to just let the dog out and roam. He never went far. Onyx would follow my mom everywhere. He'd wait for her outside the supermarket. He was very loyal. He was taken once, but an...
  19. Renaissance-Man

    Pizza Anyone? 🍕

    What's your opinion on cauliflower pizza dough?