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    The Mr. Moonlight Uke Sticker Design Contest!!!!

    Figured I might just as well do it straight away! Here's version two... David.
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    The Mr. Moonlight Uke Sticker Design Contest!!!!

    Cool! Here's my attempt... David.
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    New uke, and chit-chat...

    I seem to have come home with a new ukulele :0) But more about that in a moment. Recently I've been thinking about learning to play a mandolin instead of a ukulele, and in a music store near to me (Guildford, Surrey), they had a few. I looked up a few reviews, and on MandolinCafe to see what...
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    Electrify your uke for under $10 bucks

    Electrocuting a Dolphin Cut some double-sided tape (I used carpet tape) to fit on the metal side of the transducer, and stick it on. I only covered half the transducer (see end picture). Now gently push the (6mm) knitting needle into the chassis socket and pull the socket through the body and...
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    Electrify your uke for under $10 bucks

    Electrocuting a Dolphin Here's the transducer, I just extended the existing cables a couple of inches just to make sure it all worked... With it wired up, put a 6mm knitting needle through the you drilled and make sure that you put the nut and washer on the needle BEFORE you push it through...
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    Electrify your uke for under $10 bucks

    Electrocuting a Dolphin I've ended up using the 27mm transducer from Maplin (code YU87U, cost 99p), plus a 6.35mm mono chassis socket in shiny chrome :0) Drill 9mm hole in Makala - don't think it really matters where as I can't see any bracing inside it and it's a plastic body anyway...
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    Electrify your uke for under $10 bucks

    Yes, I got everything from Maplin... cost about a fiver for the two transducers and the mono 6.35mm jack. Here it is fitted to the uke... I had to use a 6mm knitting needle to get it in position, and it required a 9mm drill bit.
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    Making / replacing a bridge & saddle

    First off, I'm a fairly adept woodworker with a decent set of tools in the workshop. Secondly, I know little about building ukes / guitars / stringed instruments. So, here's my question(s)... If I wanted to replace the bridge and saddle on my Makala Doplhin, what would I need to use? Why...
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    Chords from a melody (In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree)

    If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, I could be an assasin with what I know about music ;0) But I have a question - apologies if it's a dumb one... I've just bought a 1938 book listing 60 music hall variety songs, complete with full music and words. I've been learning the melody to In...
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    Sixty Old Time Variety Songs

    I've just bought a book from my local Oxfam bookstore entitled "Sixty Old Time Variety Songs", with a handwritten name in it, but dated 1938. It has the full words and music to such greats as "I'm Henery The Eighth", "Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo", "Silver Threads Among The Gold" and a...