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  1. Eyeguy

    Post your uke pics here!

    Here are some additional pics of the Moore Bettah tenor uke
  2. Eyeguy

    Post your uke pics here!

  3. Eyeguy

    SOLD! For The Uke Collector Who Has ALMOST Everything - 1920's Le Domino Set

    Very very cool! I had a Le Domino guitar at one time and it was actually a great player. The pickguard was added.
  4. Eyeguy

    Bad Cliche' Blues - original song ( for those having a bad day)

    Wrote this song a while back. Hope you like it.
  5. Eyeguy

    Just missed the doghair Collings that just sold - anyone else want to part with one?

    Just missed out on the doghair finish Collings tenor that just sold - anyone else have one they want to part with? And for the individual who purchased this one before I could pull the trigger, keep me in mind should you decide to part with it.
  6. Eyeguy

    Oiginal uke tune - Ukulele My Old Friend

    My first ukulele composition.
  7. Eyeguy

    Bedpan Blues - original tune

    Inspired by a particularly crappy day. Guitar is 1939 Martin 0-18, vocals are mine all mine, for better of worse. Bedpan Blues I got 15 diagnoses With names from A to Z That’s 14 more than any man should have Now can’t you see I take 9 pills in the...
  8. Eyeguy

    Get your money's worth on this uke

    Here's the CL ad:
  9. Eyeguy

    Interesting uke wall hanger

    Interesting . . but knowing my occasional clutziness, I'm not sure I could consistently place and retrieve a nice uke out of this thing without dinging it up, but maybe if the builder felt lined the edges and inside of the hanger where the uke made contact it might be functional for me...
  10. Eyeguy

    Unknown baritone in the house - thoughts welcome on ID

    Picked up this mystery baritone uke at a flea market for a Jackson - spruce over mahogany. No markings of any kind but looks to be a cut above some of the cheap stuff I've seen. Anyone seen one like it?
  11. Eyeguy

    New old baritone in the house

    Added this nice Guild baritone to the stable. Needs a little bit of work but nothing real bad. Excellent craftsmanship on this beauty.
  12. Eyeguy

    Added a soprano to the stable - and a vintage beauty to boot

    Recently acquired this very cool little gem of a soprano. I must admit I'm primarily a tenor/baritone guy, but I just couldn't pass up this elegant little uke. It is a Miami brand made by Nicola Turturro and distributed by Stadlmair of New York in the 1920's. A very well built uke, this line...
  13. Eyeguy

    New old uke day

    Picked up this very nice C. 1920-30's Gretsch tenor ukulele. Solid mahogany. Craftsmanship is excellent - sound very pleasing, kinda reminds me of a comparable Martin tenor uke. Neck is thin and fast. I replaced the worn out friction tuners with Gotoh planetary tuners. ** Forgot to add a...
  14. Eyeguy

    Gotoh Planetary Geared Uke Tuners - Impressions? and, where to get them?

    Any personal or professional experience with the Gotoh Planetary Geared Ukulele Tuners would be appreciated. Also, where is the best place to buy them? Many thanks!
  15. Eyeguy


    Picked up a couple of uke books that I excited about - hope to learn something practical and historical. Any other good uke books you would recommend?
  16. Eyeguy

    Ukulele My Old Friend

    My very first original uke song - sounds like it too. Oh well, got to start somewhere. Just having some fun here. Hope this is in the right place.
  17. Eyeguy

    Best ukulele repair folks in the continental US?

    Are there any repair folks out there that are generally recognized as being among the best? I live in North Carolina but given that it's a uke we are talking about, shipping back and forth is not a major drawback. Many thanks!
  18. Eyeguy

    Aldrine's Ukulele Waltz - looking for Tab

    Anyone know where I can find the Tab to this song - I heard it on a recent tenor uke comparison video and really enjoyed it. Thanks
  19. Eyeguy

    Cool looking uke - not familiar with the maker

    Found this listing while surfing the net - very cool looking tenor uke, but have never heard of Blackshear. Anyone?
  20. Eyeguy

    Has anyone tackled Daniel Ho's Polani tabs?

    Stunning CD - wondered if the tabs were at all doable or reserved for advanced only players?