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  1. Jon Moody

    Prototype UBass from Kala

    I was at Bass Player LIVE over the weekend for work. We are usually across the aisle from Kala, so I'm usually over there, talking with Rick and Brian. This is the prototype uBass that they brought out and were taking copious notes on. I like the fact that you can play it completely vertical...
  2. Jon Moody

    vorson electric uke string question?

    It's actually pretty easy (and like kissing said, there's some info on the internet), but the copper shielding tape is exactly that; a tape. You have to take everything out of the control cavity, and then use the tape to cover the entire cavity, leaving a little part out to touch the control...
  3. Jon Moody

    FS: Recording King RU-998-M Resonator Concert Ukulele

    I bought this new a couple years back from Elderly Instruments. It apparently looks like they don't offer this color anymore, and I can tell you that while they say it's a "matte" finish, it's definitely a high gloss (which you can see from the pics). It currently has some fluorocarbon strings...
  4. Jon Moody

    FS: Lanakai Elderly Instruments 40th Anniversary Tenor

    I bought this last summer, and it's very nice but currently doesn't get nearly as much love and attention that it needs. From the Elderly Instrument website: Flame maple top with flame maple back and maple sides (all laminated). Mahogany neck, rosewood headstock overlay, rosewood fingerboard...
  5. Jon Moody

    How Do You Order your Custom Uke?

    I had a conversation with my good friend, Pete Hilton, a month back and wanted to get some feedback from you fine people that have ordered instruments from builders, mainly how do you order your custom uke? Many people, I would assume, once they pick out the builder (and the specific...
  6. Jon Moody

    NUD - Well, not mine sadly

    Had to share this video. My buddy, Pete Hilton (of Hilton Guitars) came to the office last Friday for a factory tour, as well as to show off prototype tenor ukulele #3 and let me play it. What a pretty uke, that sounds very nice and even across the board (even with two wound strings). Enjoy.
  7. Jon Moody

    What is it about uke basses make them ukuleles?

    We live in a society where they place more emphasis and clout on commercials and print ads over actual facts, so of course market-speak is going to mean more.
  8. Jon Moody

    Octave Ukulele

    That he did.
  9. Jon Moody

    If you watched a live streaming vid on ukulele...

    ...what would you want to see/hear? The live video stream I did in December, showing off the new GHS fluorocarbon ukulele strings went very well, as did my half-hour live demo from NAMM (where I talked about ALL the new strings). So, I'd like to start a series of streaming videos, about an...
  10. Jon Moody

    product demo in Numubu today

    For anyone that is interested, I will be doing a live product demonstration at 2pm EST today, showcasing the new GHS Strings Fluorocarbon line of uke strings. Just click on the link below, and then there will be a green LIVE BROADCAST button for you to click on, which will open a new window...
  11. Jon Moody

    Three Brave Souls

    Wanted to share this with the UU crowd; our new packaging for the "old" nylon sets as well as for the new fluorocarbon sets. We're working hard to make sure we can have some of these to show at the Milwaukee Ukefest in October. Fingers crossed!
  12. Jon Moody

    Three Brave Souls

    I have a problem, folks. Our new ukulele strings are set, moving into production, packaging being designed, etc.. I have three of the prototype sets that need homes on ukuleles. I have one set of each, listed below: 1- Hawaiian D-Tuning set (meant to be tuned a step above normal) - To...
  13. Jon Moody

    Ukulele = Better Bassist

    Here's a quick article I wrote up for Seymour Duncan, where I talked about how picking up the ukulele made me a better bassist. But in the broader scope, playing ANY instrument that is different than your primary one is going to help you become a more well-rounded musician. Enjoy...
  14. Jon Moody


    In the process of dialing in these new sets of strings that we are currently working on over at GHS, the subject of tension has come up a couple of times. We all know the science behind string tension, but when it comes down to feel and what you prefer, it becomes more of a grey area. So...
  15. Jon Moody

    Uke Strumming Workshop at Elderly?

    Anyone in the MI area that is planning on heading into Elderly Instruments for the Strumming Techniques Workshop with Mitch Chang on Saturday? I'll be up there with my Boat Paddle concert.
  16. Jon Moody

    An ideal amp for the U-Bass?

    No joke, this amp is coming out this month. Phil Jones Bass introduces Double Four Micro Bass Combo As a user of PJB stuff, I'm sure it will sound incredible and, as per all of their stuff, much louder than their size would dictate.
  17. Jon Moody

    Instructional Vids

    I've been approached by a fairly large company (holding off on the name at this point, but you've heard of them) to make some instructional videos. This is a pretty exciting opportunity, but I'd like to find out what kind of techniques and skills people would actually watch, or want to learn...
  18. Jon Moody

    Got a Players Spotlight

    Don't know how many of you guys read articles on, but they have a weekly Player's Spotlight. And for this week, it's me. Players Spotlight - Jonathan Moody
  19. Jon Moody

    bASS p***

    Here are my three basses. L to R: 1996 Warwick Corvette Std. 5 2010 Warwick Custom Shop Corvette $$ fretless 6 2009 Warwick Streamer LX Broadneck 6
  20. Jon Moody

    A couple of YouTube vids

    I'm in talks with a couple that may have me play their wedding this summer, and asked that I send them some samples. So, I had a morning free, and came up with this. The unofficial ukulele "national anthem." Featuring my maple/mahogany Boat Paddle M-Style 5 string concert. Pulelehua -...