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  1. Ukejenny

    3rd Annual Alabama Uke Fest in the books!

    We had a great day on Saturday! We had over 100 folks registered, not sure how many in all, we had folks from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi in attendance. It was so much fun. Everyone was so nice and all the music, teaching, and performances were great! If you find yourself...
  2. Ukejenny

    Look What My Husband Won!

    We went to the workshop at Uke Republic on Saturday, and they had a drawing for a KoAloha Opio soprano. My husband was the lucky winner! It made his Father's Day extra fun!!! He has decided that he likes soprano and isn't just a "tenor guy" anymore!!!!! Left to right: Pete McCarty, Mike of...
  3. Ukejenny

    What I'm working on now

    I'm doing some finger picking stuff - Tarrega's Etude in Em, and Romance De Amor, both pretty easy once you get going... And I'm trying to figure out chords for Kris Kristofferson's Other Side of Nowhere. Our ukulele group is gearing up for a downtown celebration for the Fourth, so we are...
  4. Ukejenny

    You Never Forget Your First

    So, I was reminiscing about my starting out with this wonderful instrument. And, I tried to recall the first song I ever learned - I mean really learned, words, chords, top to bottom. Took me a few minutes, but it came back. My first was If We Were Words We Would Rhyme, by Gruff Rhys. What...
  5. Ukejenny

    Reading Sheet Music- Humor

    An oldie, but a goodie...
  6. Ukejenny

    UBA Uke Day with Pete!

    The Ukulele Band of Alabama hosted a Uke Day with Pete McCarty yesterday. It was wonderful! We had around 50 people show up, from Atlanta, Huntsville, and even one wonderful fellow from Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a great day and Pete did a wonderful job taking us through some great music...
  7. Ukejenny

    Ukulele Group Leaders....

    A post from another thread got me thinking...... Have you ever experienced this and, if so, what ideas do you have to diffuse negativity? That is true. I have had one person who doesn't like the way I run our uke jams. Doesn't like our music. Doesn't even like what we wear when we...
  8. Ukejenny

    Your Take on the Peavey Vypyr Amps

    Wanting to hear from those who have played on these, what is your opinion/impression, what did you plug in when you played on it. Strengths, weaknesses? I'm looking for something to plug in both my uBass and my Blackbird Clara.
  9. Ukejenny

    UAS "official" certificates

    For those in need.
  10. Ukejenny

    UAS "official" certificates

    These are a hoot! If someone knows how to get the photos to show up directly on UU, please do so.
  11. Ukejenny

    This is Great.

    First time for the National Anthem to be performed on ukulele at the Staples Center.
  12. Ukejenny

    Bugs Gear Strap Button

    I have a Bugs Gear concert that I would like to add a strap button to, right on the bottom of the instrument. I haven't looked in there to see if there is a tail block or anything to screw into. We've put strap buttons on our wooden ukes, but I'm not sure about this plastic. What should I...
  13. Ukejenny

    Yea Alabama

    I would dearly love the TAB for this college fight song. It is so nicely done in this video. I can get the first few bars of the intro, and then I'm horribly lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Ukejenny

    Ukulele Blessings work both ways...

    We were invited to play for a homeless ministry. We showed up, had dinner with our neighbors, and hung out to jam and do Christmas music. A couple of the younger guys hung out with us the whole time, sang, one of them strummed guitar and he was quite good. Here, we were supposed to be...
  15. Ukejenny

    NUD - total surprise!!!

    We had our last regular Christmas performance last night. Then, we all met up at someone's home to have a little UBA reception. It was so nice. Then, there is a speech made and this box is presented to me. The members of UBA pitched in and got me a uBass as a gift! Can you believe that...
  16. Ukejenny

    I need a hard case

    I want a hard case, with a shiny exterior, to place all my ukulele swag/stickers on. I have a Blackbird Clara, so I'm looking for a concert case. Preferably, one that is in a bell-like shape. Any ideas of brands/models/shops?
  17. Ukejenny

    Uke Fest Update

    We had a great time last Saturday. We had a little over 100 people come. It was a fun and lively day, great weather, and great people, and great music. I'm already looking forward to and planning the next one. I also met some people that I've seen here on UU. Here's a photo of many of the...
  18. Ukejenny

    $120.00 Kamaka - !

    We had our uke jam last night. A guy in our club is always bringing new treasures. Last night, he walks in with a little black uke bag. I knew immediately he had found a new treasure. He lets me open it. It is a soprano Kamaka gold label in very good condition and looks all original. I...
  19. Ukejenny

    Fourth of July

    The Ukulele Band of Alabama has a gig on the Fourth. Got any song ideas that wouldn't be too tricky for the group to learn?
  20. Ukejenny

    Tonal Range

    For anyone wondering what the note names with numbers after might mean, each octave has a number. C4 is commonly known as "middle C" and would be the C key you find in the middle of all the keys of a piano. Here's a photo of the octave numbering system.