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    For Sale Kiwaya Artist KTC3

    SOLD I am selling a KIWAYA KTC3 .Nothing to add : it's a KIWAYA Weighing only 13,26 onces (376g): it's really nice to play a light uke. No scratches, cracks or flaws Living Waters strings Price is 530 euros (600 US $) delivery fees not included outside European community. (I am in France)
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    Specifications of the right uke

    Hi, For most of the people in France, ukes are bought on line and a try is not possible. In your opinion, is the weight of your uke important ? I mean is it better to choose a light uke ? Speaking about thickness of the neck , what should be the best choice? thanks
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    Learning notes : the right place

    To me learning notes is an important part for beginners . You only need to know : Do = C / Ré=D / Mi= E / Fa =F / Sol= G / La = A / Si=B I found that on youtube : tutorials with many songs to learn There are 65 videos for instance ...
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    Hi from France

    Hello, I have been trying to play for 3 months but stuck at the very beginning : uke is not an easy instrument. Happy to join the group Playfalse