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  1. kwall

    Back to Front: a case for appreciating a ukulele's back.

    I fell in love with my martin because of the back. I think this was the fifth one I tried an the guy grabbed one from the back pulled it out and got a glimpse of that behind and damn..... I think some ppl are back people... if you catch my drift. I like the secretiveness of it, only ppl who...
  2. kwall

    2 heads coleman hell - looking for the banjo lick

    Fun song that is in my head - but need help with a part. The chords are simple C,G Am F work well (how original eh :P). Just looking for ideas for the banjo lick that goes through the song. I was playing around on the A string and it kinda sounds ok going A then C and then moving to A to D...
  3. kwall

    Northern Ukulele - Price range

    Hello all, I just saw a northern posted in my local adds. What would you say is a fair price? I know the history but I cannot tell what they are selling for nowadays Thanks
  4. kwall

    NUD - Kala KA-8

    So it may not be as sexy looking as my martin but yay New ukulele!! Kala ka-8 - took awhile to tune but looks nice and sounds exactly what I wanted, feels good too. Fortunately I didn't really pay for this one, my company does a reward program where they people can give each other "points"...
  5. kwall

    8 string hard case suggestions

    hello, I should be getting an 8 string shortly, just wondering any hard cases fit them? What are the prices for them? Thanks
  6. kwall

    Favourite Ukulele shop experience

    Now we all have are best shops to go to and have some fantastic particular story as to why we want to continue to go there. I thought I would share mine and see what others have to say about different stores. My favourite store is Folkaway Music in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.This store is this...
  7. kwall

    NUD- Martin T1K

    So after lots of hmming and hawing and turning down 4 others I finally found the perfect T1K. so happy sounds fantastic and looks great esp the back.
  8. kwall

    Fender '52 or Epiphone les paul ukulele

    Hello, I am thinking of getting an electric acoustic ukulele. I played the les paul epihpone and have read reviews sounded awesome and I really liked it. I know the fender 52 recently came out and they look nice, I have a fender already and love it. Any insight or other ideas are...
  9. kwall

    K&K pickup for ukulele any good?

    sorry did a quick search and nothing came up. anyone try the K&K pickup? any good store said all in they could add a pickup for 200. is that reasonable? what is your opinion? Thanks
  10. kwall

    Ukuleles what type of car would it be?

    Hello, I was recently reading a thread and someone made a great analogy of ukuleles to cars (id give credit to them but i remember who or where very sorry). It made me think there should be thread of this analogy continued. I would love to hear the opinions Anything goes can be a specific...
  11. kwall

    Martin T1K question what does the 1 mean

    Sorry if this has been discuss previously. I am looking into a T1K played two liked them ALOT not wowed by the looks but it sounds so nice to my ear (imo). Now I know it is solid koa and made in mexico but I was wondering what the 1 stood for. Looking at other posts and such it seems like it...
  12. kwall

    Lero vintage ukulele?

    Hey there, There is a posting for a lero ukulele in my local adds. Anyone ever hear of these? they look very harmony ish or seem to be ur 50s department store buy but I dont mind that. Anyone own one hear of one etc?
  13. kwall

    in Canada... would a firefly b ok through winter

    First off i know i posted about the fretboard just thought of a different question about the drum in the firefly. as living in canada (cue stereotypes) it can get cold. I am in southern ontario but still can be a concern. Do you think the drum will go out of tune faster due to the cold? is...
  14. kwall

    Firefly plastic fret board or wood?

    I know people love and rave about them all the time and I've read tonnes. Sorry if this is a repost but a couple questions about them. Is the plastic fretboard ok? or should i go for wood? does the walnut/maple make a difference? as well, how long have you had yours for? has it lasted over...
  15. kwall

    Pono MS string suggestion.

    Hey there , I have a pono MS and I was trying to think of new strings to put on it. any suggestions?
  16. kwall

    Repair Shop in Toronto

    Does anyone know of a good ukulele repair shop in Toronto? My ukulele has a small fretboard binding problem, but I want it professionally done. (cause i have no idea what im doing and would rather pay someone). Any help is appreciated :)
  17. kwall

    Crack on edge of neck

    Hey just noticed a small crack on my fretboard right where it connects to the neck. its a small crack and so far it seems not to affect the sound. I humdify my ukulele but its on the neck so i guess it doesnt get as humidified. Do you think it will expand? if so if it affects the sound how...
  18. kwall

    lanikai O-8 discontinued?

    hey there, since summer is coming up im kind of in an itch for a new uku, prob an 8 string. while looking i was set on the lanikai O-8 looked, nice rave reviews and good sound. However now looking into searches nothing really comes up. did they discontinue them? if so thats a shame i guess ill...
  19. kwall

    Recording king resonator

    reading from different threads there is mixed views on them they seem cheap but how cheap? is it worth it? there is a used one online (its a johnson but pretty much the same thing) how much would be a decent price for a used one do you think? any help is great. sorry if this is repost from me...
  20. kwall

    ukulele transposing

    Hey There, my theory is AWFUL so I thought I would ask my silly question here. If I were to play with my two friends who both play guitar do I have to transpose? like if i play a C chord and they play their C chord will it be ok? or do I have to reshape it due to the difference in tuning? thanls