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  1. harpdog cc

    WTB original Boat Paddle Tenor Ukulele

    Looking for an original style Boat Paddle Tenor ukulele as in the Hoffman style...Kayak style OK too. Please PM! The style as in photo attached
  2. harpdog cc

    N.U.D! Kala KA-TEME

    I wanted a laminated tenor with pickup for gigs and for ukulele clubs, [wanting to protect my all solid and more delicate spruce/ovangkol tenor(Kala KA-ASOV-T)] Jon of Uncle Jon's Music in Westmont IL. was kind enough to order this in along with a (SSTU-TEP) travel tenor with pickup so I could...
  3. harpdog cc

    Ukulele blowout!

    Available at the Squidport in Springfield USA (Simpsons season 24 episode 12 and it has nothing to do with anything!)
  4. harpdog cc

    Heart of Gold

    Love your voice
  5. harpdog cc

    The cheaper the better

    I love my "The Triumph" ukulele from Empire Music. I think the price has gone up all the way to $58 US. One of my favorite guitars is a $300 Cort. If they play nice, they are nice.
  6. harpdog cc

    Post your uke pics here!

    Gretsch 9120-SM solid mahogany tenor.
  7. harpdog cc

    Waiting on Gretsch Solid Tenor

    Wow, really nice ukulele! It has that light vibrant feel of finer instruments. Mine is low G, and sounds beautiful. I especially want to congratulate the people at The Ukulele Site / Hawaii Music Supply for the excellent set up, customized perfectly to my requests. The action could not be...
  8. harpdog cc

    Waiting on Gretsch Solid Tenor

    Ordered the Gretsch 9120-SM solid tenor on Aug 31. Took 14 days (there was a holiday weekend in there) before it shipped from Hawaii; during which it was set for set-up and K & K Aloha Twin pickup installation. Left California yesterday (Saturday) with Fedex warning of Colorado floods slowing...
  9. harpdog cc

    New Axe

    Been looking for a satisfying small guitar for ages (No, big guitars do not bother me, my main guitars are dreadnaughts). The Taylor GS Mini is short scale, wide body - AMAZING sound. Best sound I've heard from a small guitar.
  10. harpdog cc

    Sliding into a different instrument...

    Happy birthday/Father's Day/Retirement! I've tried lap style dobro in the past - should have more time for it now. This thing is a cannon!
  11. harpdog cc

    Fluke with B-Band sound samples?

    Anyone have a recording of a Fluke with B-Band installed, recorded direct from pickup? I'd like to hear it. Thinking of adding a pickup to mine. I already know and like the K & K pickup, but want to evaluate the sound of the B-Band before I commit. Thanks
  12. harpdog cc

    FIREFLY bajo uke from Magic Fluke ! ! !

    FIREFLY banjo uke from Magic Fluke ! ! ! Got my email, ordered my FIREFLY banj uke from Magic Fluke! Ordered mine with pegheds...production starts next week! Who's STOKED!?!!...