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  1. Harrysong

    Keech model

    I was given this ukulele banjo by an elderly friend of mine who has had it for a very long time. Although it has Keech on the headstock and serial numbers etc I haven't seen one with this body. The neck fits perfectly to the...
  2. Harrysong

    Picked up this GH & S

    A G H & S. Nice little thing. I've had to alter the neck angle slightly and take some sharp edges off the fret ends. Otherwise, plays quite nicely.
  3. Harrysong

    George Formby bitsa

    I picked up a George Formby neck attached to a zither type body....... Needs a little work but should be an OK ukulele banjo to play. The tension ring was distorted (which I have straightened), the neck angle requires adjustment and I've replaced the skin. Shame it's been messed around with...
  4. Harrysong

    A couple of recent additions!

    Been off forums for quite some time due to concentrating on restoring a few vintage banjo wrecks I have picked up. Two completed and two more being worked on. I've also picked up a couple of vintage ukulele banjo's recently and been working on them to get them back into playing condition...
  5. Harrysong

    String height/Intonation advice please.

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and wondered if anyone could possibly give me some advice on setting up one of my ukes......a Makai CK-65 Concert ukulele. It's a very nice sounding Uke but there are some intonation issues I would like to address. This is the detail of the Uke (but I didn't buy it from...
  6. Harrysong

    Hi from England

    I've played guitar for about 38 years but only recently taken up the ukulele. In and out of rock bands for many years. After the short period of time I have been playing....I love it! I cannot understand why I never took it up before! Currently playing around with Tiny Tim songs (a favourite...