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    Ukulele Busking?!

    Hey guys, I'm Melanie. I'm pretty new to this site and still feel kinda intrusive posting threads. I was just wondering if any of you have tried busking with your ukes? I've always thought about doing it and I've built up my repertoire some. If you do, do you have any tips on getting started...
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    How can I tell where the notes are?

    I know this must sound so stupid to all of you, but how do I figure out where the notes are? This is my first stringed instrument and I've never had any lessons, and in heinsight I kinda rushed into teaching myself chords. But any time I try to jam with one of my more musically learned friends...
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    Hello from New Jersey

    My name is Melanie, I first picked up a uke a few years back and it's been a part of my daily life ever since. I wanted to join UU for a number of reasons, I'm still a new player and it's hard to get ukulele help sometimes. I've already posted a few threads on here about different ukes I was...
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    Wanted: Kala Archtop Tenor

    Hey guys, I've had my eye on one of kala's archtop tenor jazz ukes for so long now! Every site I go to says they're out of stock. If anyone's looking to sell one, hit me up. Also, I'd love one with a sunburst finish ;) thanks, -Melanie :)
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    Kala Archtop Tenor

    Hey guys :) With the holidays coming up I've been thinking lots about getting a new uke. I've looked online and Kala's archtop jazz uke looks freakin awesome. I've read and watched a few reviews and it looks like the only complaint seems to be how quiet the instrument is when played...