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    Ukulele collection for sale

    Dear friends, It's been a little while since I've posted up on here. Life has been busy and great but due to a recent injury I am unlikely to be able to play ukulele to any reasonable in the foreseeable future. Hence, I am placing my entire ukulele collection up for sale so these instruments...
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    Ukulele Rhythms Issue 5

    Aloha friends, I've not been as active of the forum as I'd like, largely due to the workload of the ukulele rhythma magazine, but am better now that the latest Issue is live! Please take a moment to have a look around our site!
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    FS Scheurenbrand & Kawika tenors

    Aloha friends, As I forsee the need for upcoming medical expenses, I am putting my beloved Scheurenbrand Koa Tenor up for sale. It was ordered in for myself and an opportunistic ukulelerhythms feature. It was delivered around a month or so ago and is as brand new as possible without actually...
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    Maestro ukes links

    Hi Folks, I remember some interest in Maestro ukes- we've had some in for review and sent them off to dream ukes for sale... as we share the same photographer, I thought you guys may be interested in the photos. I understand recordings will soon be available...
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    Ukulele Rhythms Magazine Issue 2

    Dear friends, Wanted to drop a note to say that Ukulele Rhythms Magazine Issue 2 is live... here's a peek at the contents... Regards, Terence
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    Uke Magazine- Ukulele Rhythms #1

    Aloha friends, Thank you for all the support we had previously. I just wanted to let you know that #1 is now available, and we've taken a lot of the feedback and made some changes to the magazine: Namely we've expanded on the instructional material. In fact we've added 3 new columnists to this...
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    Post your uke pics here!

    We get a lot of photos in at Ukulele Rhythms- just wanted to share with you a really nice origami bird inlay by Kula Custom Ukes...
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    WTB Kawika/Pegasus/MB

    Dear Friends, I'm looking to find myself a higher end uke, and was wondering if anyone had a Kawika, Pegasus or MB or similar they might consider selling? Warmest regards, Terence
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    New Uke Magazine- Ukulele Rhythms

    Thank you for all the support guys... in case you hadn't seen the preview issue yet, this is what you've been missing! You can view the magazine online here: or through a simple sign up process download it for free here...
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    New Uke Magazine- Ukulele Rhythms

    Dear friends, I've been working with a lot of talented folks to produce a Ukulele magazine. We've called it Ukulele Rhythms and we've just published the preview issue- it is entirely free to read! For the preview issue, we are very lucky to have contributions from Kimo Hussey, Sarah Maisel...
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    The ideal practise uke?

    Hi Folks, I was chilling out, playing some ukes with my friend recently, and we go to chatting about an ideal practise uke- one which you would be bringing out and practising on. So we thought it would have to be rugged, relatively cheap and portable... at the same time, something sounding...
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    What do you consider to be low, mid and high end ukes?

    Hi guys, Recently was chatting with a few folks here and we got to talking about higher end ukes, which most of us consider to be above 1-1.5K, but couldn't quite decide where to place mid range ukes, price wise. I was wondering what you guys considered to be low, mid and high end ukes? Terence
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    "Uke is a type of guitar"

    Nearly fainted today when I saw that posted on FB. Sigh. The supporting evidence being:
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    Going to Hong Kong!

    Hi UU-ers! I'll be in HK next week and would love to meet up! Was also wondering if anyone has any experience with SIA allowing ukes as a personal item on the carry on in addition to a rucksack?
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    Alternate headstock design... hod you like this one?

    What do you think of this design?
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    A custom, my friend Crist Pung is working on....
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    Headstock design... your opinions..

    Hi guys, Was wondering what your thoughts are on this headstock? I like it, but my wife isn't so sure....
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    What size do you play?

    Very curious what sized uke folks tend to play... Soprano Concert Tenor Baritone....
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    Hunting also... for a Kawika

    Hi guys, I am really keen to find a Kawika after playing my friend's. Missed out earlier this year, so hoping someone will have one they would be willing to let go... NB> for my private playing... Terence
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    New site for inlayer, Craig Lavin

    Dear friends, I take on several small projects at a time, helping out folks with their websites and this month, I have been helping out Craig Lavin with his site- Craig is a really talented inlayer and it's been a real pleasure working with him. The site is around 90% finished, and we'd like...