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  1. maki66

    Worth Strings

    My wife bought a Cynthia Lin Ukulele which came with Worth Browns. She really likes these strings. I was going through the list of Worth sets and found the that they have many variations but not much information. Could I ask peoples opinions on the various sets and everyone's likes and...
  2. maki66

    Electric Ukuleles?

    Do we have an Electric Ukulele board? If not, lets start an EU thread. Tell about what you got, casue I'm interested. Seems like all that is out there are Risas.
  3. maki66

    Aqilla Red string, very nice!

    So I restrung my beloved Fluke Concert with Aqilla Reds, low g. And just like my baritone, this uke just loves them. Very lovely tones, nice volume and great feel. I usually favor higher end flouro carbons, Living Waters or, now Koalohas, but these strings really rock my world.
  4. maki66

    Guadalupe Custom Baritone Strings low GCEA ( full octave lower)

    Anyone ever try these? My buddy has a brand new Mainland tenor and it just sounds amazing. So I was browsing and daydreaming and ran across the string sets. I'd love any feed back on this or another Guadalupe string set. Thanks...
  5. maki66

    Violin Shaped Object!

    My coworker gifted me his ten year old, never played cheap violin. It actually plays ok, to my philistine's ear. I can, occasionally, get a sweet tone and it is BLISS. Thinking about getting a decent one from one of L.A.s many decent violin shops. Probably have to get two, cause my wife wants...
  6. maki66

    AQUILA Red Series 89U Baritone Ukulele Strings DGBE

    I bought a used Harmony (Japan built) baritone here not too long ago and recently changed the strings to Aquila Reds. I really liked the way it sounded with the strings it came with. So it surprised me how much better it sounded with Aquila reds. Stunning might be an over statement, but not...
  7. maki66

    U bass youtube tutorials

    I found this guy, he has some decent beginner ubass lessons.
  8. maki66

    My first bass!

    My wife surprised me by buying a Kala U bass. Still waiting for it to arrive, but I'm super exited. More to come....
  9. maki66

    New album from Seery (Irish)

    This is for folks who like Irish Traditional Music. Enda Seery, who plays flute and tin whistle, has a new album out. I've got his first two and just love them. He is just a fantastic musician and composer. (I have no association with Enda, nor financial incentive.)...
  10. maki66

    Outdoor ukulele issues

    We have had an Outdoor Ukulele for over a year and really like it. Its a black carbon fiber tenor and until recently it played and sounded great. Its been our dedicated car uke, and my wife will play on long drives while I sing. It recently developed a serious buzz in the head stock. I...
  11. maki66

    Pic's of where you live

    How about a couple of sunset shots from work a couple of nights ago?
  12. maki66

    Kmise tenor on ebay $33.52 shipped

    I really like the Kmise instruments I've played and owned. This particular one is bare bones, no tuner, gig bag, no extra strings. Shipping is free but, SLOW boat from China. It does come with good strings, Aquilla. I haven't used this vendor and have no financial interest here...
  13. maki66


    My first guitar since 1981, Lovely sound, solid spruce top. 3/4 sized so my wife can enjoy it as well. 23" scale Difficult!!!!!
  14. maki66

    Ukulele Death Squad!

    My wife just pointed this out to me on youtube. Campy videos and great music. (The Worlds Most Dangerous Ukulele Group )
  15. maki66

    Living Waters dGBE on tenor

    Just got these to replace a set of Aquilla dGBE. I liked the Aquilla set, as always, but FC is what I LOVE. This Living Waters custom set doesn't not disappoint. This is a magic set with low tension and big sound.
  16. maki66

    Aquila tenor ukulele strings dgbe

    Tonight I restrung my economy Kmise tenor with Aguila's dgbe Nygut strings. This is a reentrant tuning with the forth sting a high d. Otherwise similar to a baritone tuning. The lowest tone string, number 3, the g string is not wound on my set but looks to be a red plastic. Initial impressions...
  17. maki66

    WTB Uncle Mikes ukulele book

    Anyone out there have the Uncle Mikes ukulele chord melody tab book with Green Sleeves? Thanks!
  18. maki66

    Kmise KMU 21S

    One of my co workers bought this recently and I had an opportunity to do an extensive test drive. I liked it, I liked it a lot! I LOVE the OEM D'Addario strings, its a nice...
  19. maki66

    Cigar Box Guitars

    Photos of my second build and the upgraded #!;
  20. maki66

    Abe Largrimas Jr. Kickstarter

    Haven't seen this mentioned, so....