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  1. Mxyzptik

    Need new strings on my Collings Tenor.

    I haven’t posted in a long time but here goes. I just got my Collings tenor back after it being in the shop for a long time and it needs new strings. I tune low g and had been using Southcoast Light medium gauge linear set with wound bases and I think it really sounded great. I’ m not much of a...
  2. Mxyzptik

    Transition from uke to guitalele

    I just received my new Yamaha GL1 in the mail today. I’m looking for some advice in a strategy to make the transition. I play a tenor ukulele currently. I mostly finger pick versus strum, kind of a ( hybrid Travis pick style) or chord melody style and also pick arpeggios. I play the piano but I...
  3. Mxyzptik

    Help with “It’s all in the Movies”

    Been trying to figure out the chords to the Merle Haggard version of It’s all in the Movies . Looked at the usual sites that I use and find several suggesting G6 and Dmaj7 however this is just not working ? Another suggested Dmaj7 and Amaj7 , nope ! When I pick the melody along with the tube...
  4. Mxyzptik

    Travel advice re: Cites

    After using the search function and reading a number of threads on CITES I am more confused than ever. I am planning a trip to Ethiopia in January and am wondering , can I travel with my COLLINGS UT2 as it relates to Rose wood restrictions ?
  5. Mxyzptik

    Help, I need a song for Ethiopia

    Hi all, I haven’t posted in quite some time but am still here reading and learning from everyone. I have the good fortune of travelling to Ethiopia in January to oversee some International development projects that I am involved with. Naturally I will be travelling with my Ukulele. I am...
  6. Mxyzptik

    Tenor banjo help please

    Lately I've been thinking about banjo's and banjoles a fair bit so yesterday I took the drive into the city to shop. My favourite music store hadn't carried much in the way of banjoles so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Deering goodtime tenore banjoles in stock, however after playing...
  7. Mxyzptik

    Problems with A string on Southcoast LML-WB

    About two months back I switched from my low g Living Waters to a set of Southcoast LML-WB on my Collings UT2, just for a change. I liked the Living Waters but tired of the thudding sound of the low g. At first I really liked the news Southcoast strings, they were a little tougher on my...
  8. Mxyzptik

    How to install Southcoast LML-WB strings ?

    I just received my new strings in the mail today. I have been using flourocarbons but wanted to try something different. My new ones are Southcoast Light Medium Gauge Linear set with Polished Wound Basses. Is there anything I need to know for installation? I'm putting them on a Collings UT2...
  9. Mxyzptik

    Recent experience at my uke shop

    I recently bought a used kala baritone that was hanging in a thrift shop, it had a knot of the old string pulled up inside the bridge and I couldn't get it out so I took it to the shop I frequent for help. I thought, well I better take my Collings tenor back to the shop for a visit at the...
  10. Mxyzptik

    Questions re: Kala KA-B mahogany series

    I've been thinking about a baritone lately and low and behold there hanging in a second hand store in my little town is a KA-B that is brand new. It doesn't look like it was ever played. At first I thought it was a tenor as it just didn't seem much bigger than my tenor but after looking at their...
  11. Mxyzptik

    Banjo uke's or banjole's 101 lesson please

    Ok folks, unlike many of you, I haven't suffered from UAS . I started a few years ago with a Fender Nohea tenor , upgraded to a Collings and then just played and played and played. Recently watching the SOTU someone posted a link to a utube video of Tom Hartford playing a banjo uke and toe...
  12. Mxyzptik

    Guidng principles for set composition ?

    So, I am looking for your collective wisdom of a list of guiding principles to use in constructing an entertaining set. I will start by saying that I have a repertoire of about 20 songs that I can do start to finish by memory including knowing the lyrics. My public playing is limited to...
  13. Mxyzptik

    Yamaha THR5A amp

    I just purchased this little amp yesterday and at first blush WOW, I have a Roland AC33 which I like but this new Yamaha is 1/4 th size so it will go in my suitcase when I travel. It seems to really pack a punch to, we'll see what it works like on batteries. Now I get to spend the day screwing...
  14. Mxyzptik

    iTunes gift card - what to buy ?

    My son in law gave me a $50 iTunes gift card yesterday. I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on must have albums. I listen to almost everything, I love the crooners, jazz singers like Eva Cassidy and Melody Gardot. I already have all the Beatles, Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt and some...
  15. Mxyzptik

    Oops, what have I done ?

    I have had a rather unfortunate occurance while restringing and I'm sick about. I'd be interested in what to do to fix my problem. The Ukulele is a Collings UT2 mahogany and the Strings are Living waters low g . I have used these strings on this Uke since it was new with no concerns. In fact I...
  16. Mxyzptik

    Where has Buc McMaster gone ?

    Anyone know where Buc went? I really enjoyed his videos, especially song choice. He hasn't posted for more than a month that I can tell .
  17. Mxyzptik

    Problems with Roland AC33 ( no power)

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this problem. I have a 1 year old Roland AC 33 amp, there doesn't seem to be any power coming thru the on/off switch. Happens on either AC or DC power, hit the on switch and there is no little on light or anything. I have looked it over and...
  18. Mxyzptik

    Keeping your concentration & performance anxiety

    I am going to step out and play publicly for the first time. I am not a super player or singer but I've had good feedback from the few friends and neighbours that have heard me. My audience will be friends and some strangers likely 50/50 and will total 35 people in a small cafe. I am a...
  19. Mxyzptik

    Looking for " September song "

    I have recently started playing and singing a little publicly and have been flattered with the response. A friend who was recently widowed asked me to learn September Song for her. Does anyone know of a good arrangement I could work on ?
  20. Mxyzptik

    Shure Lavalier wireless mic or..... install a pickup ?

    So I've been looking into amplifying my uke. I found some deals on nice acoustic amps but finally settled on and purchased the Roland AC33 for all it's features especially the fact it is battery powered and portable. Then I started looking at mics. My Ukulele is a Collings UT2 Mahogany, I was...