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    Food Forum

    YUM! Looks delicious!
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    Is this even possible? (Fret ends adjusting)

    So, on Thursday, my new Flight arrived! :D. The review is here (post #7 under bazmaz's review). When I was checking it out, I rubbed my hand along the neck edge and noticed the fret ends were sticking out slightly. Not enough to cut but you could definitely feel them. I checked the fretboard...
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    Flight NUP310 Pineapple Soprano Review

    So, my Flight came on Thursday. I really like it! I compared it to my Pono Mango soprano. They are both 35mm at the nut. From my measurements, they are the same as far as neck thickness. However, the Pono weighs 430g (15.2 oz) and the Flight weighs 371g (13.1 oz). It is lighter than the...
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    Food Forum

    Agreed. A Food specific forum would be best. Recipes popping up all over would not. And if they are all in one thread, you'd have to weed through them all to find what you want.
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    Concert to Bari?

    So, I stumbled upon some Baritone tabs and tried it on my concert. The only difference was that I needed a low G instead of a high G. Now, I know it might not sound right if I played with someone else, but even when I played the chords listed, it sounded right. I play solo for my own...
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    Anyone else with a hearing sensitivity?

    I have a 50% hearing loss and wear hearing aids. I also have a sensitivity to sound. Because of that, my ears actually hurt if I play a ukulele that is loud, bright and has lots of sustain. I bought a laminate maple with a solid spruce top and had to return it due to the pain. It is very...
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    Transposing a song from standard notation to TAB for finger style

    If I want to write a song in TAB, do I just read the standard notation and find the notes on the ukulele fretboard? In other words, if I wanted to play Silent Night (just an example - I know there are a ton of versions available), would I just read the melody line of the song and then create my...
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    clean sound on fingerstyle?

    OK, I don't know if I can describe this correctly, but I'll try. So, when I am playing fingerstyle from TAB and I move from one note to another (on the same string), more times than not, you can hear the deadening of the string before the next note. In other words, the note goes from...
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    What does it mean when a ukulele "opens up"?

    I am looking at the possibility of getting a solid mahogany pineapple ukulele. The description says it will "open up with time". What exactly does that mean? I know it is referring to the sound, but will it get louder or richer or what? Thanks in advance! :confused:
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    Enya Sapele Tenor Ukulele

    I ordered this uke because I wanted to try out the tenor size. This brand had some good reviews. I needed something that did not cost so much, too. Bazmaz had posted a review of another Enya and so I decided to try them out. (Warning: I am not a seasoned player. I am a relative beginner...
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    Enya EUR-X1 Soprano - REVIEW

    It is listed as currently unavailable now.
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    Alternatives to a strap

    I don't have a strap button on my ukulele (yes, I know I can put one on). But I am interested in something different. I don't particularly want something around my neck. Also, I want to do finger style playing. What is this device she is using to hold her uke, and where do I get one?
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    NUD - A visit to see Mim! Ohana SK-70WG

    UPDATE: NUD - A visit to see Mim! Mango Pono Update to this in post 14 below: I went to see Mim today!! She is only 1 and a half hours away (IF I don't miss my turn :p )! Mim. What can I say? She's sweet and lovely and fun and energetic and gentle and generous and so much more rolled into...
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    String size question (not uke size, string size)

    So, why it the C string the thickest? Why can't I use a thinner string on the C string? The thicker string doesn't seem to ring as well or something - sort of a thud sound along with the regular sound. Could I use a different string and still tune it to C? What would happen?
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    So, a C is a C is a C, right?

    So, I can use guitar tabs or other chord books as long as I use the ukulele chord shape, right? In other words, if the guitar book has a C chord, I just play the ukulele C chord and I'm good? It works? I know . . . probably a really stupid question . . .
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    Mainland Mango Soprano

    Just got this yesterday from Mike at Mainland Ukes -;jsessionid=92616E80478EA8278395E9A072A0D6D0.m1plqscsfapp02?categoryId=3 I called him to see about a Mango ukulele. I'm on a pretty tight budget with student loans, etc. So, he said he'd find me a...
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    I want to play like this! Where do I begin?

    This is how I want to play! So beautiful and so inspiring! So, do I have to start with the regular chords and strumming (I can do some of that) or can I just jump right in to fingerstyle and attempt easier...
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    I got a Peanut! Woohoo!

    :D So, I have mentioned on a couple of threads that I wanted a quiet uke to play in my seminary dorm room (weekend student). I bought a $16 cheapo plastic one that some said was quiet. Still not quiet enough. A UU member saw my posts about wanting to try a Peanut. He contacted me and offered...
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    Low G tuning on any uke?

    I have a Dolphin and a Shark. They are the same instrument (except for the color, dolphin/shark thingy, and finish. Thought about getting rid of the Dolphin but then wondered: can I tune it to low G tuning? And if so, what kind of string would I need to get to do that? Thanks for any info! :)