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  1. GeorgeUke

    Give Me The Night - George Benson

  2. GeorgeUke

    Nile Rodgers Medley

    yep kamaka hf1
  3. GeorgeUke

    Nile Rodgers Medley

  4. GeorgeUke

    Slow Jam

  5. GeorgeUke

    New Jack Swing style

  6. GeorgeUke

    Funk Uke

    nice 👌
  7. GeorgeUke

    Funk Uke

  8. GeorgeUke

    Autumn Leaves - George Elmes

    thanks, yep always use D tuning.
  9. GeorgeUke

    Autumn Leaves - George Elmes

  10. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes 'Firefinger'

    Thanks everyone! Jan I pick 'flabbergasted' even though it's not on your list
  11. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes 'Firefinger'

  12. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes 'Firefinger'

    Hi here's a new tune
  13. GeorgeUke

    4 ukulele tricks

    New tutorial from me, hope you enjoy it!
  14. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes | Skyscraper

  15. GeorgeUke

    FS: DaSilva 3k

  16. GeorgeUke

    FS: DaSilva 3k

    This is a solid koa Dasilva 3K soprano (2006). Sounds great but please note it is not in mint condition. There is some wear on the back, and the neck has had its finish removed by a previous owner for a more natural feel. Previous owner also added geared tuners and a strap button. The finish has...
  17. GeorgeUke

    A Ukulele Afternoon With George! (songs, lessons)

    Vlog style video, jope you guys like it! George
  18. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes - Solar

  19. GeorgeUke

    George Elmes - In The Moment

    New tune, hope you like it :)