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  1. iamesperambient

    Just picked up this marathon baritone uke for 25 bucks today!

    just picked up this baritone today, for 25 bucks cant find much on marathon does anyone have any more info on this uke possible wood type/age / etc just ordered some worth browns to put it on it, either way im excited to here how it sounds with a brand new set of strings.
  2. iamesperambient

    Haven’t posted here in a few years, but curious what happened to blue star guitar co?

    Site is a dead link / nothing sold brand new all used Did he pass away is the business closed? I regretfully sold my baritone konablaster some years ago Was looking to get a new one guess that ain’t happening.
  3. iamesperambient

    Did Ovation/Applause stop making ukes?

    I was looking around considering buying an acoustic electric was trying to look on the official site and i see no mention of ukes only guitar/bass/mandolin. did they discontinue their line of ukes?
  4. iamesperambient

    another reason to hate linkin park as a band.

    the worst most dumbest thing i have ever seen.
  5. iamesperambient

    vorson electric uke string question?

    Hi all! I haven't posted here in ages. Anyway this coming week im purchasing a vorson electric tenor uke finally with my paycheck im working 2 jobs now so i have a little extra money to throw around (not enough for a risa but the vorson is in my budget). Anyway i know it comes with crappy...
  6. iamesperambient

    Vorson electric tenor uke questions?

    Hey everyone so i have not posted here in a while. I have a few questions. I have sold off my guitars and ukes and i am instrument-less at the moment. I get paid next weds and i'm trying to decide on an instrument. I make ambient music which relies on effects pedals and acoustic electric...
  7. iamesperambient

    C tuning on a baritone uke not bad!

    so i sold all of my smaller ukes in need of quick cash and all i had left was my rogue baritone fitted with living water re-entrant G string set i love that sound but i missed playing a more 'standard' tuning so i ordered a set of hilo baritone strings for C tuning i put them on today, honestly...
  8. iamesperambient

    Hilo GCEA baritone strings has anyone used them?

    hi all! so i have been having money troubles and had to sell all my ukes except for my rogue baritone. I usually keep it string with living water re-entrant G sets (dGBE) but now that i have no smaller ukes i wanted to set it up like a 'jumbo' tenor. I found Hilo GCEA baritone strings online...
  9. iamesperambient

    its been a while need some advice here

    it's been a while since i posted. all my ukes are gone except my rogue baritone currently with living water reentrant G string sets on them. I had bought a set of SMU southcoast strings for my tenor which i no longer have. I had some money issues and had to sell all my ukes :/ anyway question...
  10. iamesperambient

    Konablaster steel string electric baritone ukulele

    Hi, i recently picked up an electric guitar and i'm also in need of cash fast so i decided to part ways with my konablaster as it really has no audiable difference between my electric guitar now. Starting price is 200 bucks, plus shipping. I can haggle with you if need be. Only shipping with in...
  11. iamesperambient

    Kala tenor guitar out in sept "NAMM UPDATE: Stop by booth #1115 and play the new 2014 Kala Tenor Guitar. Available at Authorized Kala Dealers this September. KA-GTR ( TENOR GUITAR ) Solid Spruce Top Rosewood back and sides Slotted Headstock Grover Tuners Want to hear...
  12. iamesperambient

    so i tried low G for the first time tonight......on my soprano!

    So i got a set of oasis low G warms as a replacement for a dud set thankfully the owner of oasis was nice enough to find me a new set and this one is far from being a dud. I decided to give low G ago for the first time on my soprano in case i didn't like it i wouldn't be taking off strings i do...
  13. iamesperambient

    does anyone make a 5 string baritone?

    Just curious didn't know these existed until a member told me about 2 weeks ago there is a 5 string tenor with both a high and low g, just curious if anyone makes the same for baritone but with high and low d string?
  14. iamesperambient

    question for a friend about a baritone guitarele?

    My friend is in the market for a baritone guitarele especially the islander one. She wants to tune it like a guitar EADGBE. Being this is baritone scale i wouldn't see this being impossible. can anyone offer any insight on this?
  15. iamesperambient

    Different strings on laminate ukes?

    I know this has probably been asked many times here but I'm trying to decide if its worth it for me to try different strings on my laminate tenor i changed the strings once to oasis and found it to bright and went back to aquila and found it was much warmer and nice sounding but the thickness of...
  16. iamesperambient

    History of the Tenor uke?

    Tried searching on here and online for specific information who first r designed the tenor uke and more info on it but i can not find much about it. I know now apparently it was designed in the same concept as how the baritone uke was a 'larger uke with guitar like tuning' but i can't actually...
  17. iamesperambient

    Questions for dirk from south coast

    I could not find his email so i decided to post here and hopefully he will see it. I have a few questions. I'm looking to try out SC strings for my tenor i'm looking for strings with a mellow/warm sound with not super high tension and i can't seem to figure out the charts on the SC website it...
  18. iamesperambient

    what are the most mellow south coast strings for a tenor?

    Still trying to find the optimal string for my tenor, im looking for a string with the most mellow sound, can anyone help me decipher the string gauges from south coast? having a bit of trouble. Looking for high G tuning strings with a more mellow sound, i hear go things but i honestly can not...
  19. iamesperambient

    does anyone have clips of matlock playing the uke?

    rsonator uke with a very odd shape? looks like a national reso uke with a design / shape i've never seen. here we go a...
  20. iamesperambient

    does anyone have clips of matlock playing the uke?

    I remember my grandparents watching 'matlock' and andy griffith i swear to god would just bust out a uke and play, but i dont remember how it sounded does anyone remember? i cant find any clips or anything and to be frank i dont really want to just watch the show to find out.